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Novia Lightstar, A.K.A. Sigel, is one of the surviving Quel'dorei left on Azeroth.


Novia is a kind and caring Quel'dorei woman. She is a practitioner of worship towards the Holy Light, and sees it with a reverence, as her mother before her was a High Priestess of the Holy Light. She has a loving nature about her, to the point about doing anything in her power to protect those close to her by any means necessary. Novia can sometimes act as both judge and jury towards others, condemning them to sentences she thinks just.

Novia is suspicious to some of the races of Azeroth, especially toward the Orc’s and somewhat towards the Night Elves. The High Elf particularly hates what she see’s as Cursed kin, the Sin'dorei, but as time has gone by, began to trust them more after meetings with specific individuals; Versia Silvergleam, and Alsheriam Sha’Qelas.

Since joining with the Assassin’s Guild, Ravenholdt, Novia has began to become a bit colder towards others, her mind focusing on the jobs she is given, much to the discomfort or pain it brings to those she is close to.

She has a extreme hatred for the Undead Scourge, the blight that has destroyed her life and homeland. She carries a vendetta towards the traitor prince, Arthas.

When confronted by enemies, she is quick to move, using her agility to her advantage. Quickly dismantling her opponents armor or weapons to expose themselves to her blades. She does carry a code of conduct though, never harming an innocent regardless of the situation.




Novia, hidden inside Silvermoon.

Current Activities

Having returned from a long, strenuous mission, Novia has come to see her lover, Versia, only to find that the woman has since moved off form her. Distraught, she returned a necklace that is owned by the paladin.

Having sought her out a week later in the sewers of Dalaran, Novia is trying to amend the relationship she has since lost.


Novia is one of the first assassins to develop an automatic re-prisoner to her sheaths. She had contracted a well known engineer to develop the device. Placing the daggers inside will apply said poison's automatically. The rogues daggers are old elven blades, known as Banthalos & Shari'adune, respectively.



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