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Basic Information

Name: Alliance Mers
Current Occupation: Arms Warrior of Natural Order
Professions: Blacksmithing and Mining
Race: IconSmall Human Male.gif Human
Age: 97
Class: Warrior} Warrior
Sex: Male
Hair: None

"So what if they were just fishing, they were in Ironforge, they were HORDE!"

"A moment of seriousness, please, I have to finish telling these, uh, alright, no seriousness, someone just tell me what that thing is supposed to be..."


A veteran of four wars, countless skirmishes, and enough bar fights to make a dwarf smile, it is easy to say Mers is a fighter at heart, a man of conflict since his birth long before the first war, though he hardly looks it. He is always bound by his unending need to fight, get blood on his hands, and bring victory to his banner. Such ideals have brought him many friends as well as enemies, and those that admit liking the strange, pale man get the honor of being dragged around to fight with him. But despite himself, Mers is an intelligent, strong-willed, and chivalrous man caught up in his own rage and a world around him that is filled with conflict to drive him forward, not that he minds, if anything the man is more embarrassed when he finds himself having an intelligent conversation then, say caught killing a few blood elf fishermen in the Forlorn cavern in Ironforge.

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