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Theories & Predictions

Dreadlord Theory: They keep on coming back. Now that we have two of them who have made a comeback, we can finally look for a common denominator: posession of a Scarlett Crusade leader. I doubt it's the crusade factor, as there's nothing in particular about them that makes them special. My theory is that these demons, upon death, become disembodied and are then capable of manefesting themselves by posessing the bodies of others. It is my theory that this process is exemplified in the Kath'ranatir's posession of Valeera Sanguinar.

Guardian Prediction: Just as Malygos has been made killable, all of Azeroth's great guardians are going to be picked off one by one. I don't like the sound of this, but I'm betting it's what will happen. Ysera will become a victem of the nightmare. I hope nothing happens to Alexstrasza, but I'm betting she will go out of the picture as well (she will either willingly step aside, or give her life for all mortal creatures). My money is on Nozdormu leading the Infinite Dragonflight and being killable. The other Guardians have already been killed (go read war of he Ancients). Does this mean Azeroth will be defenseless? Heck no. My belief is that the mortal races will step up and take care of their own world, just as Medivh said they would.

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