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Hi, I'm Meltheon, and if your'e named <insert name here>, then I don't wanna speak with you, XD.

If you like heavy-metal, and like Warcraft, then this is the thing for you: The Chosen Ones

Origins, SomewhatEdit

Well... My intrest with Warcraft started looong time ago, with Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos, and I'm not sure when I bought the game. From then on, I was a huge fan of Blizzard's games, owning the following games in their series.

I love all those games, and are usually playing them activly, even though I reacently got malfunctions with Warcraft III, so I have to re-buy it.

I'm not playing World Of Warcraft, but played the Trial (hugely unstatisfying, as so much content is cut), and knows about most things in WoW, played on Server: Argent Dawn US during Trial period.

Top 10 Characters And RacesEdit

My top 10 favorite characters and races through the entire series (some characters share place):

Top 10 CharactersEdit

Top 10 RacesEdit

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