Siedor Hellshooter is one of the best Ranger General's of the Elves, he is one of the leaders of the army of near one million blood elves against all of the Eastern Kingdoms he is killed by Malan right after he tried to kill Malan.

Death in the Second War?

Some thought that Sieldor died at the Battle of the Dark Portal


Sieldor as a ranger during the Second War.

During the final climatic battle between the Orcish Horde and the Grand Alliance, Sieldor was stationed as a regular ranger with the mighty Turalyon, though when making their final attacks the mass number of Death Knights that Gul'Dan created lashed an enormous amount of a killing spell known as Death Coil. When the ships were evacuated and the army planned to assault the Dark Portal the enormous amount of death coils torn literally half the army upon release from transports but kept fighting on, the death coils still came and many fell before even reaching the Portal until Turalyon and a group of paladins cast exorcism on the death knights, obliterating them from existence.

On the coast

Sieldor abandoned and near death after the destruction of the Portal

Only a few remained alive after the Death Knights lashed their terrible dark magiks at them, Sieldor was one to have though to have died as he never returned to Quel'Thalas, it was almost true, Sieldor was lost in the battle, he was hit twice but still able to move though but was near-death upon the coast of where the Dark Portal stood, of course before the taint of the land from Ner'zhul, the dark blue water filled up Sieldor which choked him up.

When the construction of Nethergarde Keep began they scouted the entire land, they found a near-dead body after a year, they took him back to Nethergarde keep where priests healed him to full strength, when he finally awoken, Khadgar ruler of Nethergarde Keep was pleased to see him not dead. After weeks of regenerating, Nethergarde keep was assaulted by a new army of Orcs, Sieldor helped during the beginning of the defense of Nethergarde, where he was great in assaulting all the Orc commanders.

When the forces were defeated Sieldor realized it was time to go home, he stole a fully armored horse and escaped the lands of the Dark Portal, though some Nethergarde troops chased him for stealing, they couldn’t catch the High Elf.

Return Home

On a beautiful night, a High Elf knight stood atop the tranquil lands of Quel'Thalas, which had a bloody war consumed by it known as the Troll Wars. Sieldor then left his spot overseeing the lands; he then landed at the gate of Silvermoon. When he entered Silvermoon he was in praise that one of the great rangers of the elves have returned from the Second War. Of course that praise wouldn’t go on long, as for a few years later death was short away...


Sieldor is dressed for the battle in the defense of Silvermoon

Escape from Quel'Thalas

When the day of darkness loomed over Quel'Thalas as the Death Knight Arthas of the Scourge came and annihilated almost all of the High Elven population. Sieldor and the other ranger generals such as Sylvanas Windrunner rallied the remaining armies and prepared to defend their capital and also... the haven of their immortal powers, the Sunwell.

Many High Elves were slain and then raised as the dead to bolster the mighty undead army, when hearing of Sylvanas' death to Arthas and then being reanimated as a Banshee, it was a blow to all of the Elves and then Sieldor took the rank of the High Ranger General of Silvermoon, he rallied the defenses over the bridge to halt the undead advance while he prepare for his final tactic. The volley of death arrows.

When the Undead finally breached through the defenses the remaining forces retreated to the Sunwell where the guardians and the elves made a final stand, they put up a good fight but they couldn’t stop Arthas, though Sieldor's final spell took a chunk of the army out, the spell fired arrows around all directions with undeniable speed, this cut down any undead around, he butchered a huge hole of the army and then ordered a stage of retreat, though the undead captured Sieldor until his friend and general of Silvermoon Drak'thaer fought through the undead forces and took Sieldor and escaped from Silvermoon and watched as Arthas burned the remains of the once beautiful citadel.

And destroying the powers of the Sunwell on the Sunwell Plateau where the mighty lich Kel'Thuzad was reborn.

The Blood Elves

Though when Kael'thas returned, he had Sieldor and most of the banded forces including General Drak'thaer to retake the ruined citadel of Silvermoon, and so they did, where the Blood Elves rebuilt their old homeland and sought vengeance upon all that has "betrayed" them.

The blood elves have built much of their former strength and now have declared war on the humans, Dwarves, and all of the Alliance in the Eastern Kingdoms their army has built to near one million. When they began their march, they knew they had to march in uncharted territory such as Scourge territory, Dalaran, and Stromgarde thought that the Blood Elves have made a truce with the Blood Elves this is unlikely, because the Scourge destroyed much of their homeland, they destroyed the Scourge as they marched.

The Blood Elves have much supremacy until the day Halad halted their advance and when his death came, he stopped their advance for two years...

Halad's resistance

Halad alone met the army head on, to their surprise they believed him to die once they came in contact, this is different, Halad slaughtered all of the Blood Elves he was in contact him, one million vs. one man, until he pushed them to the Thandol Span when Ironforge and Wildhammer dwarves came in to their aid, though Sieldor and Drak'thaer were out on errands, the army pushed them back to the Arathi Highlands where they could never advance.

Though on the final battle when Sieldor and Drak'thaer arrived, Halad met his doom, he was slaughtering an scouting party when Sieldor and Drak'thaer with a cadre of spell breakers, they planned their assassination attempt, Drak'thaer threw his maul at Halad straight in the chest which threw him on the ground, then wide open Sieldor with three arrows shot them straight at Halad's chest, into the heart.

This ended the threat of resistance... for a time.

Malan's arrival, Sieldor and Drak'thaer's death, retreat to Silvermoon

Two years have passed and Halad's son Malan came to avenge his father's death and bring glory to his family, he marched to the powerful remnants of the million army which weighed to be near 700,000+. Grollok had accompanied him, though they slaughtered much of the army in their relentless furies, they almost met their end.

The remaining army circled around Malan and Grollok, Sieldor and Drak'thaer then prepared to strike, Sieldor took three arrows to Malan, but Grollok intervened, Grollok took the blows himself but in the pain tossed one of his mighty black axes in the air, and as Malan grabbed the lunged axe he knew he could kill his father's murderer, as he grabbed the axe using a great feat of strength he threw the dead axe straight forward where it landed in the bottom of his head and top neck which knocked him to ground and killed the tyrant blood elf ranger.

Sieldor Dead2

Sieldor has been hacked


Sieldor was respected and beloved amongst the High Elf to Blood Elf society, once becoming a Blood Elf, his ambitions sometimes drove him insane, and the war was apart his cause, his ambition to get revenge on the Alliance that left them in the dust, of course now this tyrant is put to rest. He will always be seen as a hero during the Second War and Third War...

Risen as a Forsaken


Sieldor an Forsaken Ranger?

Though Malan killed Sieldor in the Arathi Highlands, just in the forest near the Arathi Basin, Sylvanas was probably great friends with Sieldor as a High Elf Rangers, when hearing of his death, probably before the Scourge did, and she reanimated Sieldor to serve her as the Forsaken Ranger General. He now when not in the Royal Quarter with Sylvanas, leads the Undead Forsaken forces againt the league of Arathor at the Arathi Basin as he is head of the Defilers, he will probably move to Northrend soon with the Forsaken armies to battle the Lich King Arthas for revenge of destroying Silvermoon.

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