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Halad nicknamed Halad the Heroic, Halad the Great, or Vanguard Halad was a veteran warrior of the First War, Second War, and Third War, he fought solely in the Blood-Solo War he died by three stray arrows to the heart by Sieldor. He was also during his childhood life friend to Lothar, but usually hung around Khadgar. He was around 15 during the First War and when he died he was at the age of 57.

Early Life

At an early childhood, Halad's father Lord Daval Steelsword put Halad alongside Lothar in the army, though Halad was trained by his father, he finally grew a friendship with the soon-to-be-greatest warrior of all Stormwind. Halad though during his free time traveled around the Castle of Stormwind where he saw his father and other leaders train, every week he'd travel to Northshire and visit the Clerics of Northshire for guidance.

Two months before the Orc invasion, Halad was at the Northshire talking to Alonsus Faol about his father's methods, though neither did Alonsus Faol agree with his fathers training of at the age of 6 going to a barracks till he was 12 and training. He did respect the man his father became after he did the same training, and the man that Halad had become after the training, all Alonsus Faol's words were to respect his father, yet then Halad interrupted about his father, he asked if his father was such a great man then why did his mother leave him, Daval Steelsword then entered the room, as he told his beloved son that his mother left because of his duties to Stormwind.

As they left Alonsus Faol, Halad prepared to train alongside Lothar for hours. Daval was pleased of his skill with a sword, even a massive two handed blade. His training was completed, now the rest was experience which Halad would soon get.

The First War

The day of the Orc's invasion when they ran rampant and wildly at Stormwind, Halad awoke to see his father at his side with Halad's shield and sword, saying a brutal enemy has appeared as from no where, both warriors charged into the fray with the Stormwind army, as they slew countless Orcs they celebrated this victory, yet somewhere, Halad's father - Daval - knew that this threat was far from over. Lothar, Halad, and Daval and other various leaders approached King Llane Wrynn, as they told him that the Orc threat was massive, King Llane allowed Daval and Lothar to lead their armies against the deadly Orcish Horde, the battles ensued everywhere, though Daval and Lothar met at Deadmines, where Lothar and his troops ventured forth into the dark mine.

Daval commanded the mass of the armies, when Lord Lothar ventured forth into the tower with Halad at his side they marched for a victory at Goldshire.

Daval dead

Halad grieves for the lost of his dad, but prepares to grab his blade and shield and retaliate


Under Daval's leadership, Halad and the armies were able to maintain a victory for time, until led by Blackhand the Orcish armies and Stormwind's army met at a stalemate, until a titanic duel where the whole armies witnessed between Daval Steelsword and Blackhand. The duel ended when Blackhand mangled Daval's hand where he carried his sword, (right) as he then flung wide his axe in turn left Daval open with no shield. In a hefty swing, Blackhand hacked his axe right in Daval's chest.

Halad anew

Halad with his father's sword and shield, giving the charge against Blackhand and his minions

Seeing his father falling to the ground, the Orcs fell back to their line behind Blackhand as the battered forces of Stormwind, Halad though in bitter revenge ran to his father, as his dieing breath was to bring glory to his family name. Halad grabbed his bloodstained shield with the Stormwind emblem on it, and grabbed his bloody sword; he led the remaining members of the alliance in a vengeance and bloody battle. Though greatly outnumbered they fought to the death which ended in a victory for the Stormwind army, as they took Daval's body back to the castle city a great funeral.

They gave Daval a funeral fit for a king, though the fall hit Halad the hardest and in revenge, he was controller of the Stormwind army after the disappearance of Lothar.

Though Halad had a victory in Goldshire, he lost many troops, he was forced to retreat back at the capital city, and weeks after a retreat, the Orc horde burned Goldshire, and all around it, along with Moonbrook.

Though when the King had ordered Halad to venture into the Deadmines and fine Lord Lothar for being seen in a vision at Northshire, as the ventured in the dark shadows of the Deadmines, he slew any crazed, berserk, or dire Orc in his path, though when they found the main hall of the mine, he saw Lord Lothar near dead, beaten and scarred. He then with the Elite Crown Knights they leapt from the shadows and saved Lord Lothar. Halad healed Lothar and his men they ventured out to venture to Stormwind Keep.

Before they could make it to the Stormwind Keep they saw the Orc Horde engaging the priests of Northshire, they burned down the Abbey, as Lord Lothar and Halad rushed to save the torn down Abbey, there wasn’t much left of the Abbey, as they retreated to the Keep. As Lothar recuperated, and the army returned to the foot of the gate. As Lothar and Halad looked over the horizon, the dark skies approached, and a massive army of Orcs led by the chieftain Orgrim Doomhammer approached, as the echoes of horrifying stomps slowed and finally stopped, Halad and Lothar could only stand and watch as the Keep would be soon sacked. Yet they were ready to try to stop the armies of the Orcish Horde.

As they slammed the gates though the defenses could not hold, as the army scattered all over the fronts of the gate with a mounted Halad and Lothar prepared for glorious combat. In the dark midst they could hear the Orc battle cries, especially Orgrim Doomhammer's cries of war saying to send the bodies of the disembodied mages, clerics, civilians, warriors, and even the children and women along with some of the elderly, the Orc cared for no one but themselves. Disgusted and slowly demoralized by seeing their family, loved ones, children, etc bodies hit them. Finally with battering rams, the doors began to shake, with their spears held high the prepared for war, archers began to fire, but soon not even the thick stone walls could not stand between the awesome might of the Horde.

The catapults fired and with the arches behind a "bunker" of shield walls as they fired upon the Orc forces, the catapults blew forth the archers far into the air and onto the ground. Wall holes were everywhere in one hour of the bombardment, the Orcs climbed through the rubble of the destroyed parts of walls, and circled all around the armies of Stormwind.


Stormwind on the eve of its destruction

The massive spears that the humans commanded picked off the Orc invaders, though with Orcs impaled though the humans could not reach the Orcs to clean the spear and then circled around them engaged the Orc armies. Finally though after Halad and Lothar engaged the armies, the gates were smashed wide open and even more Orcs including the warlocks and Orgrim Doomhammer engaged the Human armies.

As catapults burned down the buildings and the walls the army slaughtered the human forces. Arrows flying, rocks smashing the walls, warlock magiks spawned Demonic forces to butcher the civilians, the army retreated into the keep where the strongest defenses were built, even the human forces could not stop the onslaught. The catapults obliterated the defenses, and then it hit Lothar that when the elite defenses fell, he knew that they could not stop the armies, literally half the interior of Stormwind was destroyed. Lothar ordered alongside Halad to retreat Stormwind.

The Retreat from Stormwind

Lothar and Halad leaders of the Azerothian retreat, witnessed the final destruction of Stormwind, though as they made a final turn away from their beloved homeland, they retreated north to their cousin kingdom, Lordaeron. Where they hoped with their aid they could save their once glorious homeland, as they ventured through Khaz Modan, land of the Dwarves, where not only they encountered Dwarves they encountered the Dark Iron Clan dwarves that attacked them on sight when passing through the Badlands.

Finally though they sought refuge of the Dwarves in Ironforge, where tanking them, they also kept venturing till finally they made it to Lordaeron's Capital City. Their the armies were welcomed in, the demoralized, beleaguered, tired civilians that retreated from Azeroth were glared at though, Lord Lothar and Lord Halad ventured into the Throne, where King Terenas II saw the two unknown knights entered the throne. Prince Arthas ventured from his chambers to see this, Lord Lothar and Halad met the King and as they kneeled before them, they pleaded to help them reclaim their homeland as they told tales of this terrible army. The King disgusted at this threat of soon that the Orc armies would finally engage them.

The Grand Alliance of Lordaeron

King Terenas called a grand meeting of all lords of the seven nations, along with the Dwarf leaders of both Ironforge and Aerie Peak, along with the Elf represented of Quel'Thalas, and finally together as Halad, Uther, Turalyon, and Arthas, awaited outside, they finally exited the hall, with a alliance between the nations and the races known as the Grand Alliance of Lordaeron. The Second War has begun...

The Second War

Led by Lord Lothar as Supreme Allied General of all armies. With Halad his commander, alongside his lieutenants, Uther and Turalyon, they led the armies against the new, and stronger Horde, they had many victories against the Horde, until though Halad led personally the forces of Stromgarde to attack the Horde across the Thandol Span, where a mighty stalemate ensued, the war finally began to take its toll, where at the battle of Blackrock Spire, Orgrim Doomhammer and Lothar had a titanic duel, similar to Lord Daval Steelsword - Father of Halad was killed in a duel between Blackhand.

Halad and Uther were controlling the armies south of the Blackrock Spire, Turalyon and Lothar fought against the Orcs in the spire itself, though when hearing the dieing screams of Lothar, Halad turned to hear his old friend dieing, and hearing Turalyon cry for his beloved General, Halad though charged threw the fighting armies and into the spire, where he saw his friend and general fall to his death and Turalyon grab his blood-spattered shield and command the disheartened silenced men. Halad alongside charged with Turalyon and in turn defeated the Orc enemies at Blackrock spire which destroyed the army and put the remaining Orcs into internment camps.

Once with the victory, Halad fell into a trance for a second, seeing the same acts when his father was killed and he picked both his blood spattered shield and sword and engaged the Orc forces at Goldshire.

When they arrived back at Lordaeron they had a glorious feast and funeral for Lothar, and during the aftermath of the Second War Halad met a Lordaeronian woman where they conceived a child who he would name Malan, and someday lead troops to war under him.

New Roads

The Paladins

Mercil Stonesmasher embraces Halad with the power of the Light.

After the death of Lothar, as Stormwind was being not only rebuilt but renamed from Azeroth to Stormwind, Halad tried to study under Uther, though Uther since the death of Lothar had traveled back again since the betrayal of Alterac, Halad stayed at Lordaeron and practiced under one of one of Uther's greatest paladins Paladin Mercil Stonesmasher under his guidance, Halad become a good paladin though, not fully embracing their magic, he sure respected the Holy Light.

He became known as the The Lawbringer bringing justice to all nations of humanity. He ventured to the outer villages to safeguard and oversee the law being upheld. Though he alongside Muradin Bronzebeard trained Arthas who would become known soon as the Betrayer to the Throne.

The Arrival of The Betrayer to the Throne

On the eve of Arthas return after defeating Mal'ganis, Arthas had returned from Northrend to receive his reward from his father. Though when everyone heard that their beloved prince had killed their beloved King, his father. Halad though thought at his some part it was his fault, for he helped train the boy, but also that he somehow made the outskirts slip the Scourge, he though when he saw the Undead Scourge ravage the capital city, he saw millions of undead of the fallen approach him, he and loyalist to Lordaeron fought bravely against the Scourge, they were forced to retreat once again from a capital city, though they could not outrun the undead and make it back to Stormwind, they found ships that were still following Jaina Proudmoore to Kalimdor to battle the Burning Legion, where under Halad's great leadership, the Lawbringer along with his father's shield and sword ventured to unknown lands to prepare to fight alongside Jaina.

Arrival at Kalimdor

Upon arrival Halad was a great scout, he led his men by following the foot prints from the sand, after a week of marching, he met one of the bases, whilst he was looking for Jaina Proudmoore, and he saw Grom Hellscream attack an Ironforge battalion that left with Jaina.

Though fighting off for weeks the mighty Centaur and Harpy poachers, the brave knights arrived at Stonetalon Peak, the Alliance forces met at the base of Stonetalon Peak, where they alerted the Lawbringer and his elite knights of Stormwind and honorees of Lothar marched into the cave, where finally they met up with Jaina after witnessing massive bull monstrosities fight what they call "pink skins", he ambushed the Taurens and saved the humans where they saw Jaina about to teleport across the river.

As Halad shouted her name she turned and prepared to strike, he mounted off his horse and walked towards her, she was in shock as all her followers had kneeled before this man who also fought alongside Lord Anduin Lothar.

She was honored to fight at his side, though they teleported across the river when shortly Thrall and Cairne crossed the bridge where they almost engaged Jaina and Halad, but Medivh ordered the stop of the violence.

Alliance against the Fel Orcs

While Halad, Carine, Thrall and Jaina met to discuss a way to not kill but free Grom Hellscream, Halad protested though he hated siding with the Orcs because they destroyed his homeland, and killed a dear friend of his. Though Thrall vowed the Horde he fought against was no more, and they have returned to the old heritage of shamanism, and it was time that he should give up this hatred, and fight united against a common enemy.

It took Halad some time, but at the end of the battle he was able to forgive the Orcs after seeing them save a corrupted friend.

Halad then forgave himself, as Jaina controlled the base, Halad commanded the army that engaged the corrupted Orcs. Where finally he led an army massively huge alongside Thrall where it overwhelmed the chaotic Orcs, finally they made it to Grom's throne where Thrall tried to talk some sense into him; a titanic duel again ensued as Halad controlling both armies engaged the remaining forced trying to kill Thrall. Thrall using a quick mind used the Soul Gem just before Grom attacked; alongside Halad they retreated back to the Circle of Power to perform the ritual.

Though the sky turned blood red and Infernals reigned from the sky, as they ambushed Halad, Thrall and Cairne, through brute strength they still made it back home, where priests and shamans saved Grom from this terrible corruption, and Halad finally able to forgive the Orcs after hearing a compliment from Carine at how a seasoned warrior like Halad can fight just as strong as an Orc.

Alliance at the Battle of Mount Hyjal - The Third War

1st Battle - Alliance Base

Once again by the guidance of the mysterious Medivh, both Jaina and Halad, alongside Cairne and Thrall met with Furion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind though they were angry with the Orcs for killing Cenarius and defiling their forests, along with the Humans. When Medivh appeared he forced them to work together and stand united against the common defiler of all life, the Scourge under Archimonde.

At the base of Mount Hyjal they prepared for war, with Halad and Jaina as Supreme Generals of the Alliance, and Thrall and Carine commanding the Horde, whilst Malfurion prepared for his plans against Archimonde and Tyrande as general, Archimonde was well prepared for his "victory".

When the battle began, the Alliance forces aided by Night Elves fought bravely and under Halad for a time, until when Azgalor and Rage Winterchill arrived, they fought right through the lines, though Halad was able to kill Azgalor unknown he could reincarnate, the Alliance base was destroyed, when Archimonde confronted both leaders against the forest, he applauded their skill and bravery, about to kill, Jaina mocked Archimonde, in fact all demons and teleported Halad and herself to Theramore. As Archimonde turned he mocked Stormrage and ordered him to show himself or to have mortal girls fight for him, as his minions built his second base and prepared to slaughter the Horde base

2nd Battle - Horde Base

Though Halad and Jaina retreated, the remaining soldiers went alongside with to the Horde base, Archimonde's army prepared sent Rage Winterchill once again, though the Horde was well prepared by the time the Lich and his army met them in battle, the mines exploded, once Rage made it inside the base, he was defeated.

Though this wasted the mines but a leader was down, or so they thought, Anetheron, the new leader of the Dreadlords after Tichondrius's death to Illidan. His forces of frost wyrms and gargoyles overwhelmed the archers, rifleman and head hunters, then while still fighting as Azgalor marched in with a substantial ground force he overwhelmed the army, though Thrall and his forced held out, his base was severely weakened in the fight, he tried to rebuilt as quick as the Undead did, but they attacked to soon, the new army led by Azgalor was overwhelmed, and as Tyrande and Furion attacked, they were forced to retreat to their base.

Archimonde finally approached the destroyed base and mocked Thrall, the Orcs, and Mannoroth why he chose them, as Thrall led a battle cry he threw a strong bolt of lightning and teleported far from the battle, Archimonde felt pain there, but moved on as he ordered his minions to build over the rugged Orc base, now he was ever close to his goal, but soon Furion's plan was soon to be at hand.

3rd (Final) Battle - Night Elf Base, the World Tree

Archimonde built over the rubble of the last base, Tyrande asked Furion if his plan was ready, the plan was near succession, as they had to hold the line a little while longer. Though while the entire Night Elf army stood their ground here, they prepared to meet death and victory.

Archimonde sent Azgalor, Rage, and Anerthon at the same time, which three mighty demonic/undead powers clashing with druid and priestess powers, in the end the overwhelming Night Elf defeated Anerthon and the others for the first battle, the Arch-Druid Malfurion used healing powers to rain on the army, refitting their armies with Hippogryph's and Chimaeras Archimonde wasn’t toying around, he made his ascent.

Archimonde commanded the bulk of the army, which when clashed with the beleaguered Night Elves they overran them, and with Archimonde's power it obliterated all that stood against him, though Tyrande and Malfurion fled to the forests where the World Tree Nordrassil laid.

Archimonde had his victory as he burned the Night Elf base and destroyed the gate and made his ascension to the World Tree. As he began to suck the energies of the tree from it to him, Tyrande approached Furion asking if everything was ready, as Furion blew the Horn of Cenarius, millions of wisps arrived, swirling around Archimonde with so much power and magic that he could not sustain, he imploded, with his implosion it ended destroying the tree, and the forests around it, though nature would heal, the Night Elves like the High Elves lost their immortality and would wane it time, though it was worth it.

Aftermath of the Third War

Halad and Jaina retreated back to Theramore where they plan to build their societies, there Halad with his son Malan they rebuild their lives for the time. Until two years later, a sailor from Stormwind approached the seasoned Veteran, he said that King Varian Wrynn wished to speak with him, though he and Malan wished farewell to all of Theramore including Jaina, he promised one day he would return to them.

As he and his son approached the boat, they sailed back home, it’s been ages since he last seen his beloved homeland he was ecstatic to see it rebuilt.

Returning Home...

As he and his son entered the new gates of Stormwind, he was graced with many hellos, and praises. As Halad and Malan made their way to the Keep where the King was waiting to bless him and ranking him, Highlord Halad Steelsword. Where he was in control of his own part of the Kingdom, though he never truly decided which.

He though wished to retire home for years as a civilian, so much war has sure tired him, when he returned to his house with Malan, he built a somewhat shrine to his father Daval Steelsword since the other one was burned during the First War, he though retired his Sword and Shield to the shrine as it was his fathers, though as a skilled blacksmith, he crafted his own sword and shield, incase of war again, he would be right their fighting, where also his wife found him, though unknown how she escaped Lordaeron after the Scourge under Arthas devoured it, she escaped and was able to get safe refuge with the Dwarves at Loch Modan where they allowed free passage to Ironforge.

Halad was in tears to see her and promised to be with her forever. Until the terrible day when the Blood Elves renamed from the High Elves in honor, forged an army and waged a new war, a war of course Halad vowed he'd be in a new war, a final war, his final war, he got his new armor known as the Vanguard armor a nickname was Vanguard Halad, he abandoned his Lawbringer armor after the defeat at Lordaeron believing it was some how his fault and forsaken his duties as the Lawbringer.

A New War? Again?

As Halad enjoyed the nights where he didn’t see rotting carcasses and fires burning the twilight skies, he enjoyed the times he spent with his wife and son, he enjoyed also seeing his son grow into the court of Stormwind.

Though on the eve (three years before World of Warcraft) of a October Sunday morning, he heard the Stormwind horns in the sky, as he, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, King Anduin Wrynn, and Lady Katrana Prestor, they saw King Magni Bronzebeard, Tyrande Whisperwind accompanied by Fandrel Staghelm, High Tinker Gelbin arrived, alongside the minor leaders such as Jaina Proudmoore, Galen Trollbane, etc.

Though Halad only remembers a meeting such like this is before the Second War when they made the Alliance of Lordaeron, Halad knew it from the moment it happened, a new war had begun.


Halad without his armor!

As Halad and the other great leaders met with the leaders of Stormwind, they marched forth to Stormwind Keep. As they all stood in a near circle at the top of the Keep, they told about this massive threat, a threat so massive since the coming the Orcish Horde, though they all knew that most of the High Elves renamed to Blood Elves and have recklessly controlled magic, even demonic magic.

The Blood elves have constructed an army of near a million, though also it was a problem because the Alliance's army was off on distant lands fighting the Horde led by Thrall, of course the remaining army they had on their lands was dealing with the threats from within such as the Dark Iron Clan, Defias Brotherhood, etc.

Halad rose and proposed if they don’t find a way to stop this Blood Elf army, slowly, their defenses wouldn’t hold, but they would be destroyed, though Fandral hushed Halad and then spoke, that the Night Elves will not deal with affairs on another continent, but he also proposed said that the Scourge would stop the army, after all they had to march through Undead lands.

Scouts confirmed that the Blood Elves have passed between both Plaguelands, and are marching through the Hinterlands where some Wildhammer Dwarves and Revantusk trolls skirmished with them, along with another part of the army marching through Silverpine Forest and the Alterac Mountains to the Hillsbrad Foothills where some of the forces of Dalaran were last seen battling with the army.

Galen Trollbane told the crowd that once Dalaran and the Wildhammers are defeated that they will soon come for Stromgarde and if they are defeated, then nothing will stop the army from marching across the Thandol Span and into Khaz Modan.

Tandred Proudmoore the new sovereign ruler of Kul'Tiras had agreed to use some of his navy under Captain Elaine Seasister, along with Lieutenant Kevin. Though Halad was disgusted at how no army would go to war, yet the Dwarves of Ironforge agreed they would go to war with the Elves once they begin to cross the Thandol Span, they will fight to the death to preserve the last bridge.

Halad then decided to solo this war, as they all stood and looked at him, he told that if no one would go to war, he would, along this man a veteran of three wars ran out of the Keep, mounted his horse and ran to his home with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Jaina, Anduin, Galen, Ansirem, Tyrande and Magni followed him.

The Final Battle...

When Halad made it back home he told his son to go to his room and he ran to his room to get his armor, he saw his wife there, she asked why he was in such a hurry but Halad said he was off to war, his wife cried and asked him why and wondered why he had to go to war again after he promised he would always be with her, though he said that the next time the threat of war comes to his home, he would stand against this army and make sure they do not threaten Stormwind again.

Though she protested him to stay, he dressed in his new army, the Vanguard armor with his sword The Vanquisher and his vanguard shield and prepared to march out the door but he was met by: Bolvar Fordragon, Jaina, Anduin, Galen, Ansirem, Tyrande and Magni.

Though they counseled him to stay, he told them that he was going to war, though it was no way to stop this warrior, Anduin then blessed Halad with the Anduin's Blessing or the King's Blessing to Halad, with this new strength he finally departed Elwynn Forest and made his way to the Wetlands just a few meters from Dun Modr. To prepare his traps, and the first battle of the war.

Battle 1 - The Big Push

Halad set up traps using crossbows and rifles both the Night Elves and Dwarves gave him, this trap was trigged by what the marching army stepped on, it would the continuously fire until needed reload, though when the army came in sight, the traps Halad set slaughtered the first marching lines, as Sieldor and Drak'thaer the generals leapt into the forest, to find whomever was firing, when they found the traps set, the angered and bloodlust filled Sieldor destroyed them permanently, and continued the march.

When night fell, Halad watched as Sieldor and Drak'thaer retreated far into the wilderness probably back to Silvermoon but the army set up camp.

Halad then knew, the battle would begin the next day.

Halad then when morning rose he marched to the entrance and stood at Thandol Valley, he stood in front of the marching Army, the army halted and a foul cry was heard over the wind, a Blood Elf warrior ordered Halad to move aside or be killed... Halad disagreed and pulled his Vanquisher and shield off his armor, he then in a full ready position, the army paid no heed and marched at him to slaughter him and move on, but Halad was prepared to make the first move, he bent his knees and leapt a giant leap, with his sword raised high he jumped right in front of the Blood Elf army, he smashed down a few Blood Elves and then started hacking around him, the blood elves fell like dominos but after five to ten of them died they finally had the sense to grab their weapons and attack back.

As Halad battled with them, he was though able to push the bulk of the army into Dun Modr, they fought like a reckless brawl of drunk humans, Halad's skill easily pushed them back to Dun Modr, where though the battle seemed to last for a short time, was actually near fifteen hours, as it wouldn’t suspect one man taking out an entire army.

The first battle was quick and easy, the Dark Iron Clan let the Blood Elves stay in Dun Modr as long as they agree to help destroy the Ironforge dwarves which they were partially on their way to. He made camp quick but didn’t sleep, he just watched the Blood Elf activities and waited and planned his next moves for the second battle.

Battle 2 - Thandol Span

A few blood elves ambushed his camp, but Halad was getting some firewood at the time, when he returned he saw Blood Elves rummaging around his camp, he grabbed the daggers from his sides and quickly ambushed them silently and slit their throats, he then decided to march out and into Dun Modr, when he arrived though he not only killed Blood Elves he helped Ironforge by killing some of the Dark Iron Dwarves, he slit the throats of the stronger warriors or the more well armored warriors, then when he wished to prepare for battle, he was in the end of Dun Modr on the other side of the entrance, he grabbed his sword and plunged it into the heart of a blood elf, the dieing screams woke the army up as they woke next to dead soldiers with slit throats, and seeing Halad taking his sword from the body of an elf.

Halad in a ready stance slowly marched toward the army, as demoralized as they were they backed up to the well slept Halad as he marched towards them still, they backed up to Thandol Span but if Sieldor or Drak'thaer found out they retreated from where they were he would be infuriated, so they engaged in battle with Malan, yet on Thandol Span wasn’t the right time, they all heard loud piercing cries as they saw far away flying birds come closer yet they were Wildhammer Gryphon Riders, and from the forests leapt a small battalion of elite Ironforge warriors, the Blood Elves were massacred by Halad and the Dwarves, they retreated far into the mountains of Arathi Highlands. The Dwarves pledged a debt to him and were ready to aid him or any heir he had in a time of need.

Halad thanked the Dwarves but marched across the bridge and prepare for a battle to the death, though the Dwarves had a hovel near by and prepared to give him hospitality, Halad declined, he was used to sleeping on the ground as he has done during the other wars he has fought in.

Battle 3 - Grollok, The Final Swing

As Halad prepared for an assault at the full front lines of the Blood Elf armies, at his camp he witnessed races from Hammerfall assault their army and the armies from Stromgarde fight against the Elven armies, yet the blood elves prevailed.

Moments before midnight and as Halad was about to make his move against the army, a frail unknown voice pierced the calm soothe night wind in the bushes, he turned around with his sword and shield ready for an enemy, an Orc appeared with his hands in front of his chest to tell him he was not an enemy. Though the Orcs were not good speakers to the humans, he kept assuring him that he was not an enemy; also he said that he remembered fighting alongside Halad at Mount Hyjal.

Halad hesitantly dropped his sword and shield and apologies, after all he had forgave the Horde for what they did to his homeland so long ago, the Orc sat next to him and said he was on the same path in destroying this army.

Halad and Grollok spent an hour or so chatting, getting to know not just a bout one another but of the cultures of the Alliance and Horde, and the Orc/Human races. They finally saw four smaller portions of the army split in separate directions to search for Halad, and probably Grollok.

Halad and Grollok prepared to ambush the parties, their strength in unison was near unstoppable, until Sieldor and Drak'thaer returned, Sieldor was embarrassed at his army, how though one, now two warriors can diminish such a massive and unstoppable tyrant army of Blood Elves, though finally Sieldor with Drak'thaer led a cadre of spell breakers to end this, where he saw Halad and Grollok fighting a party, he shot an arrow, not harmful but able to stun the mighty Orc, though barely part of the Horde they didn’t wish to destroy that by killing an Orc. Though Drak'thaer did not throw his hammer at Halad's chest knocking him flat to the ground, Grollok unable to see nor help could just hear this screaming torture. When Halad got back to his feet he was wide open, that was what Sieldor needed, he fired three arrows and all three landed at his heart, Halad let a piercing howl and fell to his knees, as Sieldor and Drak'thaer an the warriors appeared from the shadowy bushes, they appeared in front of Halad.

Sieldor mocked but though praised for his valor and defiant acts, though none could stop the Blood Elves. Halad in his last dieing breath swore his son, Malan would take up his father's sword, and fulfill what he did and destroy the Blood Elf army to the ground, then giving himself to the Holy Light, which the holy light in turn blessed Halad, making him un-reanimatable to anyone especially the Scourge, Halad died, he finally was defeated in glorious combat, just like Lothar did and his father.

Halad in a vision


On a night of remorse after hearing of Halad's death, Malan was sleeping, as he heard a loud noise he awoke, a ghost was hovering over his bed, it was Halad, Halad told Malan that he died not finishing the war, the Blood Elves stopped their march but they will soon begin, and that Malan has the blood of the Steelsword and should continue it, though he honored, Lothar, his father and his grandfather, he utterly agreed to do so, he grabbed his sword and armor and received the same blessing that Halad received.

As he marched out he was praised for honoring Halad, and going to war with the Blood Elves.


Halad's legacy was a great one, he was a remember as a friend to Lothar, and a great veteran of the First war, Second War, Third War, he was also seen as a great hero to defend humanity from a great threat, he was not only respected by the humans but the Dwarves for helping out in defending the Thandol Span. His Lawbringer armor was saved and his body though was recovered by a Darnassus scout, where along with his weapons and his father's armor and weapons in a shrine at his home, to immortalize Halad and Daval Steelsword.

Eye of Lothar ?

On both Malan and Halad's tabard is a blue tabard with an eye, in the middle, when Halad fought alongside Lothar, he saw his generosity from the First war to his death at Blackrock Spire but his will to protect humanity. He then like Khadgar who formed the Sons of Lothar, Halad forged the Eye of Lothar those who feel who follow this are gifted with his insight and his strength, and feel he will watch over them in spirit. Though only Malan decided to take up of the Eye of Lothar under his father, he continues it after his death, yet no one else as of now has decided to join him.


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