General Drak'thaer Forestsong is the ground force general of all Silvermoon armies that marched with Sieldor, he is killed, beheaded by Grollok.

Defense of Quel'Thalas

Though the Elves were committed stead fast in helping the Alliance after the Alliance saves the Elvish caravan at Tarren Mill, not all of the Elvish armies went to war, most stayed back in defending their capital and the borders of their mystical lands against the ever-suppositious Trolls of the Amani tribe in this everlasting war. Drak'Thaer was the general in the defense of Quel'Thalas. He fought the Trolls in their lands hard with his elite warriors.

Though the Elves didn’t wish to travel too far out of Quel'Thalas into troll lands because of the trolls being master assassins and are brutal when capturing their enemies. At the entrances of Quel'Thalas they held the ground, until the day when a larger force of Amani trolls engaged one of the lesser gates of Quel'Thalas and gained access and ravaged the towns near it.


Drak'thaer during the Defense of Quel'Thalas and during the coming of Arthas. His armor changed when the Blood Knights were born.

Drak'thaer hearing of this marshaled his forces towards their and engaged the trolls, the trolls were lesser armored than the elves and easily could be wounded by their weapons, they pushed the trolls back out, and this time they made sure they didn’t come back, Drak'thaer chased them down with his elite riders, they slaughtered horribly the trolls and then attacked the outer outposts, they then retreated where they rebuilt the gates with also more magical enchantments, to make sure the trolls will not return again.

Though not much has happened after defeating the troll raiders that destroyed the secret entrance to Quel'Thalas.

The Coming of Death

For years after the Second War, relative peace had come to the Elves of Quel'Thalas, as they fortified their armies, enjoyed the eternal tranquil grasslands that was their home, a new evil more devastating than the Orcish Horde, the mighty Undead Scourge, risen by the mighty once Orc Shaman Ner'zhul, the Scourge has arrived, this massive army led by the betrayer and Death Knight Arthas, once breaking through the armies that fought valiantly against Arthas.


Drak'thaer fights against two Undead monstrosities.

Finally before the entrance of Silvermoon, the remaining armies were left in the open of the newly defiled forest, though Sylvanas had to retreat into the outskirts of Silvermoon itself, the army was plunged into battle.

Though they were losing quickly, that changed for a time, Drak'thaer arrived, he and his elite horsemen had ambushed from behind the Undead forces, though with their horses trampled over the ghouls and skeletons, as Drek'thaer turned with what little of his army remained, he saw the mighty Death Knight approach, he commended their strength, and with some of his most power fullest necromantic magiks, he killed the paladins around Drak'thaer, Drak'thaer used a blessing to save himself and only a few Elven warriors, they were forced to retreat into the Silvermoon, as Arthas and his army destroyed the final gate, and made their way to actual capital of the High Elves, Silvermoon.

Ranger-General's Sieldor and Sylvanas held the line against the flooding waves of undead, it could not hold their onslaught which in turn ended the first life of Sylvanas until Arthas turned her to a banshee and forced her to help the Scourge destroy her homeland.

Sieldor took the reigns of Ranger General and not even his volley of arrows tactic could stop them, it slowed the army and forced a retreat for a time, giving a fruitless and hopeless attempt to regroup yet it was no good, a few hours later a more elite and terrifying army approached, bodies and corpses of the fallen flew in the air, ambushing the soldiers, as they ran back to the Sunwell, Sieldor wasn’t ready for another attack so soon, though the undead army stopped before Sieldor, Arthas approached the tired ranger, he though reminded him of Sylvanas, the soon to be Banshee Queen of the Forsaken though he was disgusted, he paid no words to Arthas and retreated back to the Sunwell, Arthas with Frostmourne held far in front ordered the charge and the elves prepared for their death.

The lot of the army was slaughtered, Sieldor tried to get the army to retreat, but were slaughtered and Sieldor captured, but if luck blessed him, Drak'thaer arrived with his knights, he jumped into the fray, slew many undead, though he was alone during this, Arthas whipped his dark powers at the Knights trying though to hit Drak'thaer, and obliterate them, though tired from the slaughter Arthas had them escape.

When they finally retreated from Silvermoon, the remaining soldiers and the two generals watched as the Scourge destroy their beloved home and sanctuary and defile the Sunwell with the Arch-Lich Kel'Thuzad's rebirth...

Down the path of Blood - Beginning of the War

After witnessing their beloved home destroyed, and their loved ones slaughtered and turned against them, the Sunwell destroyed...

Kael'Thas arrived, he though with his Illidan, they were able to help feed their hunger for magic, and make them stronger, Drak'thaer embraced the ways to manipulate the ways of the Light, as Ranger General Sieldor embraced the arcane magi’s, once again.

Sieldor and Drak'thaer remained in Azeroth and helped retake their home of Quel'Thalas from the Scourge, though deprived of much resources they once bathed in, they have spread their borders and aid from Outland they could fund enough to rebuild Silvermoon to its former glory and more.

Though Sieldor, filled with rage, not only at the Scourge, but the Alliance of Lordaeron, for abandoning him during the Second War petitioned to go to war with all of the Eastern Kingdoms, though it was ultimately granted as the Alliance had disbanded the Blood Elves from the Alliance.

In quick time both Drak'thaer and Sieldor raised an army of Blood Elves to a count of near a million, he immediately went to war, and quickly constructed in no time at all, he raised a navy of a large size, though his ships were weak than the Kul'Tiras hulls, their sheer numbers outflanked any navy.

They marched through Silvermoon from to the Eastern and Western Plaguelands, though near the edges of their borders so they need not waste most of their army against the Scourge menace until a later time, they marched in two folds half the army marched with Sieldor around the Western Plaguelands - Alterac - Hillsbrad - Arathi Highlands while Drak'thaer led the rest through the Eastern Plaguelands - Hinterlands - Arathi Highlands and met with Sieldor once again, this marshalling took over near five months, though some portion fights Dalaran they have neared defeated its defenses.

They currently when settled in the Arathi Highlands, lands of the ancient empire that helped them in the Troll Wars, they fought Stromgarde for weeks.

The Death of Souls - Retreat to Silvermoon

Though the army was of supremacy, it was rallied of elite civilians and the remnants of the armies that they once had in defense of Silvermoon and trolls Kael'thas could spare, and with its sheer numbers it was overwhelming, but not to the ever-persistent, seased battle veteran of all three wars Halad, though Halad fought the armies off into the Arathi Highlands permanently, he was killed by Sieldor finally, though he wasn’t the true ending of the war, his son Malan was.

Malan alongside High Warlord Grollok fought for near two months against the army that Halad had weakened, in the open, mountainsides, no matter where in the Arahi Highlands they battled, rarely did they rest, though finally after two months of endless fighting, Malan and Grollok's warrior skills had withered the army down to at least 10,000.

Sieldor angered and embarrassed how his army from near a million, failed in his attempt to destroy this mere human and Orc then using his final troops, he made a bold move, he circled around the camp while Grollok and Malan celebrated victory, though ready for a surprise attack, though they couldn’t kill all the Blood Elves circling around them at once. Sieldor came out of the line of Elves and then readied his bow. With a hapless blood elf attacking Malan, Malan wasn’t prepared for Sieldor's arrows, as Sieldor fired Malan had just turned, though it was to late.

Grollok leapt forward and with his back toward Sieldor, the arrows pierced his armor and into his back, as Grollok fell, his axe flung in the air, Malan knew how to kill Sieldor, he flung his sword at an elf and grabbed the mighty black axe and with a great feat of strength, he threw the axe at Sieldor and flew back towards the army - dead.

As then the battle ensued, Drak'thaer on his warhorse charged with his maul held high and swung it at the head of Malan knocking him to the ground, Grollok still on the ground axe-less. As Malan tried to rise and Drak'thaer turning around his horse tripped, Grollok with an axe in his hand cut down the horses legs, though Drak'thaer charged at Malan and smacked him twice with his maul, though Grollok seeing Malan unconscious leapt high in the air with a battle cry "FOR THE HORDE!" hacked his axe through the back of Drak'thaer. As Drak'thaer screamed he fell to the ground, Grollok released the axe from his back, and with Drak'thaer on the ground on his knees, Grollok took one heftier feat of strength, and hacked of Drak'thaer's head.

His army though attacked Grollok but when Elaine Seasister's help, they slew the remaining Blood Elf forces and forced the rest to retreat, even though only few actually survived the retreat as they had to travel back in the Eastern Plaguelands and Western Plaguelands.


Drak'thaer like Sieldor was addressed as a hero of the Elven race, though he followed the crazed Sieldor, he knew he was doing a great deed for his lord Kael'thas and his race.

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