Dore'anu "Born of Light" was one of many half elves during the Second War though the Half Elves didnt serve in the war nor did they do anything but Dore'anu tried to make his name in the ranks of the Grand Alliance, he had a special name for having the Thalassian words mixed together made "Born" and "Light".

Retreat to Stormwind

When Arthas burned all of Lordaeron (Besides Hillsbrad), Dore'anu led some of the survivors through Khaz Modan and finally to Stormwind, he became a powerful leader of the reformed Silver Hand. Though he didnt stay at Stormwind that long and sailed west to Kalimdor and joined Jaina in the Third War, he retreated alongside Jaina and Halad back to Theramore where he finally sailed back to Stormwind, five years later.

The Heart is full of everything, but forgiveness

When spending most of his time in Stormwind, he met a beautiful women named Brittanie, he spent most of his time around her when not training young Paladins the ways of the Light, they became very, very close until the day that when Dore'anu proposed they became A WHOLE lot closer, Dore'anu thought now he had everything he wanted, power, glory, honor instead of being shunned, and a lovely woman, but that would all change, for to him he didnt know that she was just playing with him, but she didnt know how far it would go...

When the day of the wedding, he stood at the altar waiting for his bride to appear, but no one came, they waited a few more minutes and finally we walked down from the altar to where her room was suppose to be, he heard whispers in her room but couldnt make the words out, and it finally also hit him that his best man wasnt at the altar either, he though of many possible explanations like "Shes not ready", "Shes taking her time", "Shes going to be out in a few minutes" but still he decided to look, when he opened the door he was shocked and slammed the door against the wall and saw his wife "pleasuring" his best men, she was angry at him for intruding on her, though he was more angry to strangle the life out of both his best friend and bride, the half armored best man was speechless and then the bride stood up fixing her hair and dress and told Dore'anu to "Fix the door!" he then realized when she said and picked up the door and smashed it against the wall shattering it to pieces.

He stormed out of the Cathedral of Light where his royal wedding was about to take place as he walked a walk that no paladin took, finally the fully armored best man and bride walked out after him and told him to stop to explain the situation, but there was no chance for apologies or to be civil, he turned around and gave an evil glare at them saying that "All had forsaken him, including the ones he loved" and he'd return to reak vengeance.

The Heart has been filled with the Blight

Five years later, the Best man - Stefan and Dore'anu's former bride Brittanie were getting married (for real) and when they were about to say there "I Dos" a shrouded man in robe, with a dark hat covering his head, he had pale-purplish skin and his armor that had on sort of resembled Death, this man walked up to the entrance of

The shrouded man.

where the church was happening, though the guards stopped this man for didnt know him and didnt trust a man with the deadened skin approach the altar, he was able to spit the words "The King granted me this..." though they didnt understand what he meant by the "King" at first and he finalyl spit another word "Lich" they realized he mentioned the Lich King and pushed him out, but the man raised his hand and casted Death Coil instantly killing the guards.

Everyone turned and saw the three guards die infront of this shrouded man, the guards were to afraid to attack this man for fear of the dark magics he would spawn, though Stefan punched one of the guards and took the spear and was prepared to strike the shrouded man, but he missed and caught the robe, the robe fell off and revealed death armor, finally the man took off all of his shrouded clothing (hat, gloves, etc) and they realized who he was, Dore'anu, though he changed his name when he fell from grace, from Born of Light to Born of Chaos, as Xaxas (similar to Xaxas (or Deathwing).

He took his massive sword Blade of Chaos, and chopped off the tip of the spear and grabbed his former best friend by the neck and pressed him against the wall, as all saw this they tried to flee but Xaxas had slammed the doors shut using the mass power of "Telekentic powers" he was born with, the priest though teleported out, in the church, the Light could not be seen anymore...



Xaxas "Born of Chaos" is the traitorous form of Dore'anu, "Born of Light", he currently leads the Scourge at Northrend, and cannot wait before he can shroud the power of the Scourge over all of Azeroth.

Butchering the ones who betray you

After he pressed Stefan against the wall, using some Necromantic powers, something of darkness grabbed Stefan by the neck, soon after, Xaxas raised his hand and darkness came out of his hand and encroached all over the church turning it from Cathedral of Light, to a Temple of the Damned. The Darkness was darker than the Blight, and would grab civilians into it and turn them into the Lich King servants and send them to Northrend, finally though Xaxas turned and using Telekentic powers he crushed all of Stefan's inside - a brutal way to die - but he tore the skeleton out of Stefan and to serve the Lich King, he had one task - kill the bride.

With no hesitation for having no will power he took his spearless stick and walked toward Brittanie and beat her to death, he even beat her when she was dead. Finally Xaxas had no use for him and banished the skelton to just a pile of bones. He turned his attention to spawning a massive creature that was not undead, nor beast, but an elemental, but not one of the Elemental Plane but one of the Blight - Creature of the Blight, a massive beast with extrodinary power and taking extreme punishment.

He didnt summon it fully but was able to have him tear some of the civilians to shread and devour them, though before he could fully summon to terrible entity of darkness, Tirion Fordring and several elite paladins smashed the door open and using some high powers of the Light/Naaru and cleansed it from a Temple of the Damned to the Cathedral of Light, but was not able to cleansed the area in the basement a small portion where the Creature of the Blight was summoned.

Xaxas though blinded at first retreated through a back entrance and the priests and paladins retook the Cathedral where some spend most of there time trying to contain the unremovable patch of darkness in the basement, though Xaxas said that soon when the time comes he will lead the Scourges army against all of Azeroth and the Lich King's power will spread from the basment to all of Stormwind just like Lordaeron.

Xaxas took also Brittanie's corpses to Northrend where he raised her as the "Undead Bride" to serve the Lich King, and to wander Northrend with her guilt that led to this entire disaster, she was the reason for Xaxas' fall from grace, she carried this massive claymore she barely can carry as she wanders Northrend.


Dore'anu commanded a massive amount of powers rather than just the Light

  • Commands a massive power of the Light, was able to heal and entire amount of troops during the Second War after defeating a Dragon when sieging Alterac.
  • A vast amount of telekentic powers, he could create a shield to defend against many demons during the Third War.
  • Powers of Elements, he was captured by the Horde but was showed no hate to them and was taught Shaman powers.

Xaxas commanded alot more powers than he was when a Paladin

  • Vast amount of telekentic powers, he tore apart and crushed the insides of Stefan.
  • Vast amount of necromantic powers and even the powers of Death itself, he could summon the Creature of the Blight
  • Vast amount of telepathic powers, he communed with Kil'jaeden and Kael'thas, they tried to have him join the Burning Legion.
  • Power of the Elements, burned the Alliance (Alliance of the Horde and Alliance) fortress - along with crushing it with the ground and hurled bolts of lightning down at it - at Daggercap Bay
  • Vast amount of warlock powers, he could summon demons of the Nether to serve the Lich King, he could also turn creatures into denzinens of the Scourge.
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