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General Information Edit

Name: Zorqua the Imp

Zorqua the Imp

Alias: Little Bastard, etc

Race: Imp

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: N/A

Class: Imp

Level: 70

Talents: Improved Imp rank 3. Fel Intellect rank 3.

Professions: "Master of Fire, Advice Columnist, and humble servant of Meerlinda Barlenae Cogspinner"

Guild: Technically a member of the Elite Response Agency

Physical Description Edit

Short. Black skin. Fur "in all the right places". Yellow eyes. Multiple ear piercings. Usually wrapped in green flames. Usually smells faintly of brimstone, cheap cologne, and smoke.

Brief Overview Edit

A rarity among his kind, Zorqua is an imp with a fascination for mortals. He came willingly to Meerlinda's summoning, and was not bound to her will. He is acting on his own whims, sometimes to the dismay of those around him. This wisecracking pervert is using his newfound freedom to learn more about the world and making a name for himself.

Dear Zorqua... Edit

In Print Edit

On a whim, Zorqua decided to start up an advice column to be printed in various publications on Azeroth entitled 'Dear Zorqua'. People would write to him via his master with their personal problems and he would attempt to answer them with witty and sometimes humorous results. The column proved to be moderately popular and developed a small fan base.

Zorqua still writes the column today when he gets material to write about. However, it is rare that anyone writes in anymore. Since some people complained it was too hard to reach him, he has set up his own 'email' address, although he's not real sure what 'email' is. Something gnomish, probably.

On the Air Edit

With the introduction of the SWC Radio Network, Zorqua found the inspiration to get his name out on a potentially bigger medium. He was given access to a small recording studio to record a 'bump'. Instead, he began recording his old 'Dear Zorqua' columns with the assistance of 'Producer Guy' as well as a handful of other characters.

Recently, Zorqua was seen working on something he called 'Project Z'. It is believed he was making a play to take over the radio station, although this is unconfirmed.

On Air Characters Edit

Note that not all of these characters have been heard on-air yet.

Zorqua: Star of the Show.

Producer Guy: Soft-spoken guy who makes sure everything works right. Recently demoted. Rumored to be Keadiin 'Wildhare' Fihalihar, although this is not confirmed.

Script Kiddo: High-pitched voice. Usually used as comic relief and an annoyance. Last heard being squished by an ogre. See below.

The Ogre: Deep, stupid-sounding voice. Calls himself Zorqua's Biggest Fan. In a sense, may be right. Has a thing for leather.

'Big Red': Current producer. Very, very deep voice ((the only voice I currently do that has to be altered digitally)). Claims to be Meerlinda's Doomguard, although this is not confirmed. Also claims to be from the 'home office', although where that is exactly is uncertain.

Forum Troll: Newscaster. Currently portrayed as sound bites taken from the game, although I am trying to develop a voice of my own for this character. Rumored to be Diego the Storm.

Cees: Gnomish receptionist. Currently portrayed with sound bites from the game. Cute as a button, but not too bright. Her name may be short for 'CottonCandy', although Zorqua suspects an alternate meaning...

History Edit

Note: Most of Zorqua's history as well as the archive for 'Dear Zorqua' can be found at the SWCRP Archive.

Notable Names Edit

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