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General Information

Name: Demolitia Hadaly Maria FitzSilver Lunaranae


Alias: Demi

Race: Gnome

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Age: Young adult

Class: Warrior

Level: 60

Talents: Arms/Protection

Professions: Mining and Gnomish Engineering

Guild: Member of the Demolition Squad.

Armory Page

Physical Description

Bright blue eyes. Pink hair, usually pulled up into pom-poms. Ears pierced. A tiny tattoo of a squirrel and a letter 'T' on the back of her left hand. Always armed with at least one warhammer, usually several, and a shield. She also carries a small gun.

Anytime she wears gloves or gauntlets, she makes sure to have three parallel marks on her right , labeling her as one of the Three.

She usually smells very faintly of machine oil and candy.

Brief Overview

Demolitia is the adopted 'daughter' of Tilbit Lunaranae and former squire of Griffonclaw FitzSilver. Even though she is now unaffiliated, she still considers herself a 'Mechadin', a gnomish paladin. She carries a dark secret, which is poorly kept...


Excited and relieved by the recovery of her mother, she is once again left to her own devices. She still struggles to come to terms with who and what she is, as well as dealing with the loneliness of being an outsider.


Note: Most of Demolitia's history can be found at the SWCRP Archive.

Notable Names

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