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Dead Without A Cause Edit

Name: Mazus Augustus (Formerly of House of Augustine, Westfall Royalty)

Race: Undead

Age: 57 (37 years living, roughly 20 in death)

Class: Warlock

Professions: Tailor and (currently) Dis-enchanter.

Guild: Honorbound

Physical Appearance: Due to decomposition, Mazus looks almost like nothing of his former self. Despite that, his slow rot hasn't been as horrible as many others. His jaw remains intact, his hair in place, and his thigh muscles still as glorious as they were in life. Even if certain ligaments are gone. He's been told he's one of the lesser intolerable smelling undead. He's around five-foot nine, but thanks to the wonders of reanimation, he slouches. Mazus' weight tends to fluctuate, since his deterioration remains a factor.

Personality: Mazus' mind is shattered, to say the least... His life, and his death, as well as the whirlwind of piecing past and present together in his hallowed skull has been a daunting task. It appears he takes it in stride. Oblivious to the war, he simply takes pleasure in attacking anyone who would do him (or those he can consider associating with) wrong. Everything is a gray line, randomly being crossed by those who wish him harm. A growing hatred for the Scourge and increasing disgustion of what he's become, he seeks to find an answer to the plague through demonic control. Even so, he often recounts events in his head that even he isn't sure whether or not they had happened in the past, as he lived, or in the decades since his death. Many factors relate to his behavior and his underlying sense of twisted honor connecting his past as a noble, an exile, a pirate and his present as a diabolist. His countless jobs, experiences, and fractured memory suggest there's no one better to trust, and no one better to distrust. He speaks the orcish tongue, gutterspeak, and can understand a variety of demonic dialects and even common to a degree. He looks upon the horde with confusion, and often ponders the motives of the other forsaken. He's quick to judge, quick to investigate, and quite questioning by nature. He feels what little pity his current condition allows him to for the ignorance around him, yet wishes he could bask in it more often. Mazus can sometimes be seen attacking windmills, for reasons unknown. A shattered mind indeed.

Historical Perplexity Edit

  • House of Augustine
    • Mazus' Noble Lineage: (to be added)
    • Place of Birth: Westfall, Augustine Mansion once located between the small mountain range connecting Stranglethorn and Duskwood.
    • War of Man and Orc: Circumstances leading to the Fall of Augustine, Mazus abandons nobility and name.

  • An Unsavory Lifestyle during The First War
    • A Pirate's Life for Me: (to be added)
    • Steamwheedle Cartel, Shady Dealings: (to be added)
    • Rogue Ambition: (to be added)

  • Necrotic Beginnings
    • Schooled in Scholomance: (to be added)
    • Magic 101 in Karazhan: (to be added)
    • Stratholme's Final Days: (to be added)

  • Dead Like Me
    • Grip of Madness: (to be added)
    • The Plague & You: (to be added)
    • Understanding Fate, Vagrant Zombie: (to be added)
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