About the Dude Edit

  • He is a nice guy...when not pissed.
  • Loves the Warcraft Lore.
  • His type-character is Undead Priests.
  • He is a Portuguese dude.
  • His greatest dream is voce acting in warcraft (though so far there will be no Portuguese version of the games much more less in English).

Wowwiki Edit

Lazy Man he didn't helped anything in wowwiki, well maybe he was the only one to touch the fact that Thrall had green skin (like all orcs the fact is that the orcs who were not touched by the warlock magic remained with their original brown skin something Manuel told).

Stuff: Edit

There are some stuff Manuelwow would have the chance to say this is his opportunity: By the way anyone has a video about the cut scene who belong to the quest Hero of the Mag'Har

Badasses in History Edit

The game of warcraft is full of badasses, you know creatures far superior beyond comprehension (some by nature others very unnatural)

Here are some examples:

Humans: The humans of Azeroth are a bit different from reality. They always seems muscular even to advanced ages, big hands and they can cast strange forces to help (holy light and arcane magic)

Anduin Lothar: This man has been in all most of his life fighting against the orcs. An important member of the Kingdom Azeroth (now Stormwind) has always fighting since god knows when. He is known to have been skilled with sword since a little he managed to inspire many humans into fighting the orcs (even created a slogan "Uncle Lothar needs you"). Anyway after witnessing so many deades of his soldiers, seeing the death of his most beloved friend and the fall of his kingdom in the hands of the orcs. He still managed to make a peace conference with them...only to be killed by them later, maybe because of his advanced age by then he didn't resisted too much but he tried his best. The Sons of Lothar are a badass organization called after this badass and there is also a kid called after him.

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