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General Info Edit

Name: Maluzu

Race: Orc

Age: 30

Class: Sneekur

Professions: Weed pik'r & Poshun mix'r

Guild: Ordo Draconis

Description: Maluzu is the leader of the mighty Ordo Draconis, a guild focused on the war effort. This powerful orc has a great responsibility to uphold Ordo's tradition and culture, and as a result is known for being a hardass, strict and merciless.

You will often find him speaking of things such as gold and warfare. His speech is thick with an accent of the ancient orcish tongue known as Blackspeech. Those around him will either learn to understand him, or remain confused.

MMO Experience: He has played the role of the rogue since the dawn of time, starting with Dungeons & Dragons and working his way up through games such as Ultima Online (1998-2001), Darkage of Camelot (2002-2004) and World of Warcraft (since release).

Maluzu has always been very PvP focused. He holds great pride in being skilled in the art of war, with extensive leadership experience in both small and large scale operations. Maluzu enjoys separating himself from the crowd by utilizing a nonstandard build while remaining extremely deadly in the art of the shadows. It is often said, "Der iz muur dan one way tu skin a pinkii".

Note: More to come...

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