Me, myself & thos voices in my head Edit

The age is 23, birthdate is in early January. I grew quite infamous in the german WoW-community for being a bullheaded lore-freak and authoress for both, fanfiction and a radioplay.
Don't get me wrong, I'm open to the way Blizzard handles their game, yet sometimes I get the feeling they just twist the lore just to make even more money and/or keep them hardcore raiders playing.
But I should seriously stop ranting, as that will get it's own category.
So, aside from those moments I am, as said a lore-freak and a dedicated fanfiction-writer. The fanfictions are AU by now and meanwhile this little alternate universe counts a total of four stories.
It's always been like that with me. No matter what fandom I enter I absorb the least if it is well written.
And, as one easily notices, I like to rant. Again something that haunted me ever since.
I have several philosophies for live, most come from the Sherlock Holmes novels, another is that I believe in Karma and the third is:
If someone's an idiot, it doesn't matter if he belongs to any minority. He's still an idiot

The life on Azeroth Edit

My main-characters are...well...a lot of very weird beings. At the moments it's a human paladin, but aside from that it's a nightelf rogue I RP as an agent of the Blue Dragonflight. Stop giving me that look, yes?

Theories on the loreEdit


As someone who always enjoys good, well-planned stories and writing fanfictions based upon these, I can't help myself but wonder, if there might be more than meets the eye.
So, let me share some of the more founded theories of mine.

The TheoriesEdit

They'll be here

Korialstrasz: More than meets the eye? (Coming soon)
Welcome to the wonderful World of Backstabbery (Coming soon)
There's something about Malygos. (Coming soon)

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