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General Info Edit

Name: Mahu Bloodhorn

Race: Tauren

Age: 51

Class: Druid

Professions: Making flimsy but attractive clothes and gathering plant life

Guild: BarkingSpiders

Physical Description: Shortish, slender, pale, almost frail-looking. Mostly white fur with a dark-brown mane. Bears some facial family resemblance to the Bloodhoof tribe, to whom she is distantly related. Nasty scar running from corner of mouth to left ear.

Personality Description: Has a thin veneer of bluff, cordial cheerfulness over a thick layer of self-centeredness over a basically altruistic, childish heart. She wants to help others, but she is always looking out for herself as well. She'll tell people exactly what she thinks of them, but she'll do so cordially and grammatically. She was charged by her former guild with spreading happiness and harmony, and she still tries to be pleasant, but has a tendency nonetheless to be haughty and arch toward people she doesn't trust in an attempt to mask her own insecurities.

Bio Edit

A third cousin twice removed of Cairne Bloodhoof (not that that's all that unusual among the Mulgore tauren), Mahu was offered the chance to study, first shamanism, then druidism, but fled Thunder Bluff and hid in Camp Narache (as told in A Second Beginning) until her guilt finally overtook her and she returned to finish her druidic training and begin, belatedly, to discharge her duties to the tribe and the Cenarion Circle.

Before even leaving Mulgore, Mahu fell in with a motley band of adventurers called the Barking Spiders, founded on the principle of simply spreading happiness and good times throughout Azeroth. Mahu also became active in the Cenarion Circle, carrying out assignments all over the world for them, often covertly. Tales of her (mis)adventures can be found here.

Recently, however, Mahu has left the Barking Spiders and started to disassociate herself from the Cenarion Circle, as she is starting to doubt just how much they care about tauren affairs. Mahu has since become a new initiate of the Ordo Draconis, a disciplined and focused group of Horde warriors. Mahu's date with a night elf for "charity" hangs over her head as a potential source of embarassment with her new comrades, though...

Friends and Enemies Edit

Ventari - Mahu was sent by the Cenarion Circle to spy on Ventari when his strange activities, such as chasing and licking Alliance females and practicing strict vegetarianism, began to draw attention that the Circle felt might embarass druids in general. Rather than ratting him out, however, Mahu wound up embarking on an extremely brief romance with him. The affair, however, ended badly, and now every encounter between the ex-couple is fraught with unresolved tension.

Wanderspirit - Mahu met Wanderspirit by chance in Fergal's tavern, ran into her a few times elsewhere, then was once again sent by the Cenarion Circle on an investigative mission, this time to find out who was slaughtering night elves in Astranaar. It turned out to be Wanderspirit, who explained that she was retaliating for the unchecked night elf attacks on Bloodhoof Village, attacks in which druids had been involved. This enraged Mahu, who has since reduced her work for the Cenarion Circle. Mahu, however, continues to hold out hope for peaceful interaction between the Horde and the Alliance, for which Wanderspirit often chides her.

Kodar - Kodar told Mahu the details of his involvement with the secret Viperian sect of dark druids when Mahu met him and his companion Luciela in Moonglade. It was unknown what Kodar's motive was for doing so, as he has watched Mahu carefully ever since and treated her with suspicion.

Mahu lives on the Steamwheedle Cartel server.

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