I have arrived

I am Lord Halcyon. I am a big fan of World of Warcraft lore, and as an author-in-training I hope to contribute to it in every way that I can!

-Lord Halcyon

p.s. I will edit this page every time I do contribute to the lore, to ensure that I will have a central collection of links for any of my future fans of my writing...

Fan Fiction

[ A Hero Class idea]

User:Lord Halcyon/Garadin the Mage

User:Lord Halcyon/Dorgar the Shaman

User:Lord Halcyon/Fall of Saurgos

User:Lord Halcyon/Race Idea and History-Avions

User:Lord Halcyon/Race Idea and History-Saurions

User:Lord Halcyon/Expansion Pack Idea-Dawn of the Dragon

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