Something is wrong at the Maelstrom. Azshara has awoken.

The goblins, frightened by the incoming evil, have asked for help to the Alliance and the Horde. With the Alliance’s refusal, they have decided to join the Horde. Smaller organizations like the Steamwheedle Cartel refuse to follow the decision of Undermine, and other, like the Venture Trading Company, have decided to overthrow the princes and take the isle of Kezan for themselves, leaving another problem for Undermine and their new allies. The worst of all: the suspicions of the involvement of the black dragonflight.

Also, the Bloodsail pirates, enemies since long of the trade princes, have seen this internal struggle as a perfect opportunity to end with their main enemy. From Plunder Isle, full of greed and vengeance, they sail towards Undermine and its goods.

The humans of Kul’Tiras have signed an alliance with a rebel naga reservoir. They say they want to kill Azshara and free their race of the grasp of the Old Gods. They have pledged alliance to the admiral of Kul’Tiras, and it’s said he and their leader, after she being saved by him, got in love. If it wasn’t for these naga, Kul’Tiras would be in flames, so the Alliance has welcomed them in. The distrust of the night elves dispels with the acknowledgment of same objectives.

But this hasn’t been the last trial of the naga. The nation of Gilneas has opened to the world, and has find it unworthy. They have given the first signs of invasion of Kul’Tiras. With the island at their hands, they would have full control of the waters surrounding the Eastern Kingdoms.

But those aren’t the only problems.

The isle of Zandalar has become the last bastion against the naga onslaught. From the capital of Zuldazar, the Zandalari trolls, that once welcomed all the trolls, now welcome every race that sought the defeat of the wicked empress Azshara and her dark masters.

Also, the broken isles, tomb for Sargeras’ avatar, have been lately active. The place is surely tainted, and nothing good can be expected from inside the ruins of Suramar. Dark rumors point to Azshara having rescued the corpse of Sargeras’ avatar and trying to revive him.

The blood elves despise the naga, allies of their wretched prince Kael’Thas. The Goblins feel betrayed by the help that the Alliance didn’t give them. With all these growing tension, could the races of Azeroth be able to withstand the raising tides?

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