The ever growing attacks of the naga have plagued Kul Tiras since the ending of the Third War. It seems the naga wanted a foothold in the isle, and the humans of Kul Tiras lacked the needed strenght to be able to secure their lands and expel them out definitely.

And, that way, the once proud nation of Kul Tiras has been focused on the naga for years, with the situation reaching dangerous points many times by now. It was this distraction that kept Kul Tiras unprotected against an enemy... or against an ally.

The isolationistic nation of Gilneas made a surprising appearance, crushing the naga and giving a breather to the exhausted warriors.

Or that looked like.

The warriors of Gilneas didn't seem to be leaving soon. In the beginning, their presence couldn't be rejected. After all, they helped Kul Tiras against its enemies, but now, they seem to not understand they aren't needed anymore. They don't understand, or they don't want to.

Tandred Proudmoore, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras, can't avoid feeling disturbed by the presence of the Gilnean soldiers. The naga attacks have grown in numbers with time, but they never posed a great threat, just a pain in the ass of unprotected villagers. Now, villagers that raised their hayforks against the monsters hide in fear in their houses, praying for help.

The Gilnean soldiers tell the naga attacks have grown, but Tandred hasn't seen more than the usual. The situation is going worst, with some communities giving supplies to the Gilneans instead of the Tirasians, while the later keeps fighting the same amount of naga as always.

And, while nor Greymane neither anyone seems to want to speak with the leader of these lands, the nation grows more isolated by each day. The Gilneans tell the villagers they should stay at home, to be secure, and don't leave the island.

But Tandred Proudmoore isn't stupid. Father taught him well, diplomacy, sailing and military, and he recognizes an invasion at first sight. He has managed to handle the situation, more or less, and at least, the Gilnean soldiers don't advance, not anymore.

Thanks to one of his new commanders, a young girl of his age, named Mishan Waycrest, they had managed to manipulate few things for their benefit, and for the first time, the Tirasians were able to rest, while the cheeky Gilneans were getting what they deserved.

After all, Mishan's knowledge about the naga was indeed fascinating. With her help, the Tirasians were able to finish a good party of naga without even losing a man, thanks to the noble art of ambush and powder, and they were even able to finish a pirate lord, unpunished while Kul Tiras was busy with the naga. She was a good woman, and, if the look of her eyes didn't lie Tandred, she would make a fine wife some day. Unfortunately, Tandred wasn't the only one who noticed her lady friend's potential.

While the furious Gilneans were slowly leaving, seeing their trick hadn't succeeded, a new type of naga made his appearance. These naga weren't like the others, this weren't simple explorers harassing their land. These naga were prepared for war, and Kul Tiras wasn’t prepared to fight them back.

If the approaching enemy wasn't enough for their doom, a shocking revelation shaked Boralus to the ground. Mishan Waycrest, the lady friend of the Lord Admiral, was one of their witches in disguise. Pained by her betrayal, he ordered her execution, to find the ceremony was suddenly stopped by a new force of naga that, somehow, had invaded the city before they could react.

Without hesitation, Tandred took the blade himself, eager to carry their witch's life before his was stolen... or that believed so, for the witch freed herself and stopped his blow, knocking him to the ground.

What came next shocked him even more. No cries of pain, no smell of death... just silence. Were they keeping them alive as slaves, or were they target of a dark magic? No. they were their new...


The naga warriors across the streets of Boralus laid their weapons down at the glance of their mistress. With his mind free of rage, Tandred looked at them. They were nothing like neither the approaching army nor the explorers. They looked like tired, and most of them were beaten, their armor and weapons wore out like those of the warriors of a losing war.

Their group of naga had deserted, their liking of Azshara inexistent. They hated her and her greed for power, and only wanted to live in peace, free of demons and power that would turn against them and destroy their homes. Mishan was their leader, and she only wanted the same that her people.

The approaching enemy, probably, was coming for them, and there was no escape.

With the Gilneans finally retreating and the blockade vanishing, they would have been able to call for help, but the enemy naga had come just in time, or the Gilneans had just left in time. Their only option was to stand together against the tide.

The citizens accused them of bringing the enemy to their home, but Tandred interrupted the complaints, putting forward the fact their own leader had helped them all by solving the conflict with the Gilnean troops without bloodshed. They needed the naga to survive against their enemies, and the naga needed them, too. There were no more options than trusting them. Boralus was in their path, and with naga or without them, the enemy would come for them first.

And so, when the main enemy army marched towards the city, they marched towards their doom. The unexpected alliance proved too much for them, and the streets of Boralus closed like the jaws of a beast over their soldiers.

The Alliance arrived just before the celebrations were starting, and “shocked” wasn’t enough to define their reaction. Facts were brought into the matter, and the old allies laid their weapons down. They would give them an opportunity, but a sole suspicious movement will leave them untrustworthy at their eyes, eyes that wouldn’t give their movements a rest.

The things improved even more for Mishan and their naga when the distrustful night elves, after realizing their new allies had old partners between their ranks, suddenly become their potential supporters.

They had finally found a home. They wouldn’t waste this opportunity, they wouldn’t let their enemies destroy them. They wouldn’t escape.

With the defeat at Boralus, the naga had lost their foresaw bastion for resistance against possible repercussions. They were hidding, preparing to call for reinforcements or recover to attack again. They wouldn’t let them so. They, together with the humans of Kul Tiras would stop them again.

And, this way, the rebel naga earned the respect of the alliance, and were welcomed as the help the Alliance would need if they were to stop Azshara.

But, while the bulk of the Alliance forces retreated back, some people didn’t agree with this, and they weren’t simple distrustful peasants.

They were an army.

A no longer retreating army, that saw this was their opportunity to clean Kul Tiras of the traitors, who had allied themselves with the naga, with the enemy, and claim their right to rule this land and protect its people.


They only needed to wait for the leaving of the warships of the Alliance, blind weaklings that weren’t able to see beyond Proudmoore’s facade, and they’ll get their revenge. Things would be as they had to be, and no one would stop them.

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