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Azj'Aquir, a strange race of humanoid insects that fought the troll empires 16000 yeras ago.

The trolls never win, the war finished because the Azj'Aquir splitted in two, Azjol'Nerub and Ahn'Quiraj.

These's my history, the truth of tyhe Azj'Aquir, the Emmerald Butterflies...

The Azj'Aquir were a druidic race. They take care of the nature, like bees and butterflies, carrying pollen between trees and flowers.

Although their homeland was located somewhere west to the Hyjal, probably in the lands which would form the continent of Pandaria, their most powerfull hives were located in the northern wastelands and the southern deserts. Azjol’Nerub and Ahn’Quiraj.

Azjol’Nerub was a rich hive, with underground mines and districts. Their population worked to bring the live to the iced plains of the current Northrend.

Ahn’Quiraj was younger, and its land rich. They restored the live of some southern regions of Old Kalimdor, west to the Un’goro Crater.

But, beneath the remaining sands, an old evil was looking. And waiting. C’Thun, an old god, was defeated in The Ordering of Azeroth. The Titans though they’d killed him, but the Old God still keep the needed energies for recovering himself.

He woke up in a new world. One of her brothers was phisically dead, and the other three lied imprisoned beneath the world. And some insect-kind mortals were rounding above his head.

He searched, and he discovered some weak hearts, easy ones for being corrupted. Prophets start to preach, and the emperors of the city, who were tired of working for the nature without any reward, changed their point of view.

The forests of Ahn’Quiraj dissapeared to make way for deserts.

It’s unknow how, but the remaining three started to appear too. In the northern lands the prophets started their dark preachs through the empire of Azjol’Nerub. In the lands of the Amani Troll Empire and the lands of the Gurubashi Troll Empire two dark beings failed in corrupting the trolls. And the phisically dead fourth started to enter the Emmerald dream.

But the most important druids, feeling the dark and the destruction, tried to warn about the danger their brothers. They discovered soon the Ahn’Quiraj’s betrayal. Their population evolved to become monsters of unstopabble rage. Their emperors grew enormous in size and evil.

The Old Gods were angry. The Trolls’ gods banished them. The Silithids, led by their Aquiri lords, started a war with the southern troll empire, their nearest one.

The Azj’Aquir’s lords discovered that the empire of Azjol’Nerub still remain loyal. But the evil prophets had started to corrupt them. Their population was becoming monsters too. Before the Old Gods could demand their souls, the lords warned them about the betrayal.

The war with the trolls in the south bring battles to the north too. Some Nerubians, led by the prophets, attacked the Amani Troll Empire.

If they didn’t make anything, the war will destroy all the lands. Using their new powers, powers given by the old gods, the nerubians started a civil war. The Azj’Aquir’s homelands were destroyed, but the nerubians defeated the qiraji, and let them live if they betray the old gods. The Trolls, seeing that the Azj’Aquir were destroying themselves, returned to their homelands, and they finished the war.

New small Troll Empires appeared in the Azj’Aquir’s old lands. The Nerubian, discovering their nature powers had dissapeared, entered their hives and let the trolls think they were dead.

The reamaining Silithids and Aquir, defeated by their former brethen, summoned the old gods power and the they destroyed Azj’Aquir’s homeland. The trolls, seeing the war in the north has finished, formed one great army and destroyed Ahn’Quiraj.

The Azj’Aquir regret the second change they’d given their brothers. With their homeland destroyed by their second betrayal, they only could curse their names.

When all the conflict ended, the Azj’Aquir rebuilded their city. Few of them met the Pandaren/Furlborg and the Kaldorei, and helped naturals gods and demigods, like Cenarius, teaching them drudism. Then, with new races to look after the nature, they entered the Emmerald Dream. Sometimes they exit to help their heirs.

Years later, when few of them came back, they discovered they had been thousand of years sleeping.

The Well of the Eternity was destroyed years ago, and they found themselves and the remains of their homeland surrounded by sea, with the only company of some Pandaren that escaped from the Kaldorei’s land, because they didn’t like their magical arts.

They discovered a newborn menace who was sleeping with them in the dream, who separated them from their heirs, so they couldn’t warn the highborne of the evil that was starting to appear in their hearts: Sargeras.

Could the Burning Legion be allied with the Old Gods?

The Green Dragonflight, the lords of the Emerald Dream, didn’t care until it was so late. While they were aiding to fight the Burning Legion, the remaining Azj’Aquir were separated and couldn’t join the battle…


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