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The Frozen Kingdom is the second expansion pack to World of Warcraft.


Cover Art

New races

No new races will be added in this expansion.

New classes

New class: Shadow Ranger

Available for Night Elf and Blood Elf players.

Evolved from a legion of hunters-gone-bad, the shadow hunter is a decieving, self-centered and plainly evil badass. Formed by hunters who joined the lich king during the Scourge invasion, several of these have now returned to the good side.

The shadow ranger is a hunter/warlock hybrid. It possesses the same abilities as your standard hunter, exept that thay rely mainly on shadow damage instead of RAP. The ranger has most spells that you would find on a hunter, but with some of them removed or changed, a new talent tree, and a few new spells.

Changed spells

Arcane Shot = Shadow Dart (does shadow damage instead of arcane)
Trueshot Aura = Moonwrath Aura, +200 shadow damage (at level 80)
Aspect of the Hawk = Aspect of the Moon (gives shadow damage instead of RAP)
Serpent Sting = Shadow Sting (does shadow damage instead of nature)

Removed spells

Frost Trap
Freezing Trap
Raptor Strike

New spells

Shadow Maul

Melee attack, require melee weapon eqipped. Learnable at level 10.
Strikes the target for 150% weapon damage + (20+(lvl*1,5)+shadowdmg*0,5).
25 + (lvl*2) mana. 15 second cooldown.

Shadow Tangles

Ranged attack, requires ranged weapon equipped. Learnable at level 30.
Send a tangling arrow at the target, keeping him stuck to the ground for 15 seconds. Also increases the targets casting time by 75%.
150+(lvl*1,5) mana. 60 second cooldown.

Wrath of the Moon

Ranged attack, requires ranged weapon equipped. Learnable at level 66.
Strikes the target, doing 300% weapon damage + (shadowdmg*0,8). If the hit is critical, ranged attack speed is incresed by 50% for 15 seconds.
725 mana. 3 minute cooldown.


You can tame pets as always, but you can also get pets from quests at level 35, 58 and 76. The quests consists of up to 12 quests (76) and require instance runs.
Level 35 = Shadow Raptor; fair armor, fair damage,
Level 58 = Shadow Boar; good armor, low damage,
Level 76 = Shadow Panther; fair armor, good damage OR Shadow Stalker; low armor, high damage.


While hunters use leather (mail from 40), the shadow ranger uses cloth (leather from 40), just like most caster classes.


The Shadow Ranger has a brand new talent tree consisting of three builds;

  • Beast Mastery (Pet spec)
  • Shadow Mastery (Damage spec)
  • To be announced

New mounts

New 150% ground / 350% air mounts. (Northrend + Outland only)

Character changes

Level cap raised to 80.

New zones

Borean Tundra
Crystalsong Forest
Grizzly Hills
Howling Fjord
Icecrown Glacier (PARTIALLY CLOSED)
Sholazar Basin
Storm Peaks
The Frozen Throne (CLOSED)

New continent


New high-level dungeons


The Nexus
Riplash Ruins
Temple of Storms
Wyrmrest Temple
Drak'Tharon Keep


Caverns of Time: The Invasion of Lordaeron

Travel back through time and space and help defend Lordaeron against the invading scourge troops. This will also be the first in-game encounter with Arthas Menethil, as players will be able to see the former paladin escape the city after slaying his father, the King of Lordaeron.


Several pre-TBC instances has been made available as heroics at lvl 68+:
Shadowfang Keep
Scarlet Monastery, including the new wing: The Monastery Cellars

Profession changes

Profession caps increased to 425. New rank: Royal. Requires level 68 and 350 skill to learn. New profession system:

  • Gathering profession (herb, mining, skinning)
  • Producing profession (jewelcrafting, lw, bs, ench, alch, tailor, engi)
  • Secondary profession (cooking, fishing, 1st aid, riding)

Players pr. TBC may have two professions. In TFK, players can learn a THIRD profession at lvl 75. However, a player can only have ONE gathering prof., meaning thatyou need to have two producing and one gathering to fill all slots.

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