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The Angry Wolf is a myth creature that was put into the game. The Angry Wolf can be found in Elwynn Forest.

Is it True? It's TrueEdit

Most people of Goldshire say that it is real. An old wise man named Dean "Groin" McGallons says that his wife was eaten alive by the wolf. Most people believed him and wanted the Angry Wolf dead.

People used pitchforks because swords were too expensive and poor. They have been fighting the wolf for 2 days and 20 people died. The soldiers of Stormwind didn't care and didn't want to fight the wolf.

Dead or AliveEdit

The wolf was taken down and Goldshire was at peace once and for all, but a villager that lived in the plains of Elwynn Forest spotted a mirror-image of the wolf outside his house. (He died alright!)

The Angry Wolf Strikes BackEdit

The Angry Wolf attacks Goldshire but was killed 50 seconds in battle with the poor villagers. The wolf was slain, beaten, once and for all.

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