Hello. I am Leogrimn. I am a never-fail, never give up, freindly guy. When I'm on my own, I do my own bit of roleplaying (I.e., in the case f undead,not attacking for a moment because of opponent's stench. in the case of a succubus, pretending I'm seduced. All-around general roleplaying.) although I am NOT a hardcore roleplayer. I do it when I can and when it's enjoyable, or when people want me to. I attempt to embody the main wikia goal: For this place to be the largest WoW database in existence! I don't care if data is irrelevant. If the page is short or empty enough, it should be there. 'Fact, it should be there anyway! Largest database means largest database, and that goal is not an easy one. It has to be worked for.

My signature:--Leo And his beloved lynx, Firestorm 22:02, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

I hail from four different Realms...

Shattered Halls:

Leontaris-71 Night Elf Death Knight, Frost Spec. (RM)

Tigerimn-10 Human Rogue.

Pantherimn-12 Dwarf Hunter.

Fireleon-8 Draenei Preist.

Kirin Tor:

Lynximn-10 Blood Elf Preist, Holy Spec. (RM)

Wyrmrest Accord:

Takrileon-12 Human Paladin. (RM)


Leogrimn-62 Blood Elf Hunter, Beast Master Spec. (RM)

Lepoarimn-11 Troll Warrior.

Raithunder-10 Orc Shaman.

Cheetahrimn-12 Tauren Druid.

I enjoy playing with people and I've always got wonderful roleplaying ideas. Good to meet you.


Goal One:Find item pages with no loot source and find where they can be looted.

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