World of Warcraft: Dragon’s End

There was a time when no one knew what effect it would have on the world to kill an aspect. Now, two have fallen. Combating his brutal campaign to wipe out all spellcasters in Azeroth, a brave group of heroes, backed by the Red Dragonflight, fought their way into Malygos’ lair and killed the Spellweaver. When the Cataclysm struck, the forces of the Alliance and Horde sought to end the new threat of Deathwing as well. Dragon Kind has suffered endless turmoil over their ancient years. It seems that Dragons have had their day, and the end of their reign as the protectors of this world is ending.

Although Malfurion Stormrage defeated the Nightmare Lord, Xavius, the Emerald Nightmare still endures. Corrupted green dragons are surfacing in Azeroth, and the Aspect Ysera is trying her best to rally the druids and those of her flight still loyal to her to fight them. Meanwhile, the Infinite Dragonflight has begun an all-out assault on the Caverns of time. Aside from interfering in several past events, they are also assaulting the bronze dragonflight directly in the Bronze Sanctum, under Wyrmrest Temple. However, this has left an opening into their base of operations, and if any brave heroes were to fight their way inside, they could confront the Infinite in their own home…

Hero Class: Dragonkin

In the wake of the nexus war and Deathwing’s invasion of Azeroth, two dragonflights were left without a leader. The scant blues left alive have surrendered in their battle against magic users. With their scant numbers, they find that their race is near extinction. A select few blacks as well, without their cruel and tyrannical leader, are also seeking to preserve their kind. Yet with the intense prejudice against them, brought on by their cruel masters, the remaining drakes realize that they must go into hiding.

Under the leadership of Kalecgos, who sought the approval of Rhonin and the Kirin Tor, the blue Dragonkin have chosen to hide themselves amongst the Alliance. Meanwhile, the Dragon Nalice has appealed to the leaders of the Horde to harbor her kind. They may choose a single form among the races of the faction, in order to hide their true identities.

Rather than claiming allegiance to one dragonflight or another (since they have none to cling to), the Black and Blue Dragons have simply named themselves ‘The Flight’. Dragonkin will start out friendly with this faction, and other races will start out neutral, with daily quests available to raise the reputation.

They will share a starting zone, much like Acherus for Death Knights, that is linked to Wyrmrest temple. Players will need a level 65 character to be eligible to make a Dragonkin, and the zone will end with players being level 68, perfect for in introduction into Northrend.

Krasus will be a major quest giver here, teaching the young dragons crucial skills in hiding amongst the mortal races. The first of which is suppressing your dragon form. Once you take the appearance of a mortal, you learn Dragonspawn Form, similar to a ground mount, and eventually Dragon form, similar to a druid’s Flight Form. Their dragon form will be slightly different than dragon mounts, being customizable at creation like the two forms of Worgen.


Barrow Deeps – The extensive system of tunnels and caves below Mount Hyjal will be rediscovered. The Emerald Nightmare is powerful here, working its corrupted through some of the still-sleeping Druids of the Claw. Alliance and Horde forces will travel to this subterranean zone, through entrances in Hyjal and in Timbermaw Hold. The remains of the Watchers, near Illidan’s prison will help to construct an Alliance base, and the Black Drakes will welcome members of the Horde. Various tribes of Uncorrupted Furbolgs live down here as well, although many have fallen to the sway of the Nightmare. The Eye of the Nightmare instance will be in this Zone.

Oracle Cave – Once the home of Medivh, the ‘Prophet’, this system of caves is found to be an excellent place for keeping dragon eggs. Tensions rise here as the black and blue dragons struggle for the best spots to incubate their eggs. Although the NPC dragons will not break into fighting themselves, this will be a major PVP zone. Capturing ideal clutch locations will earn great rewards from either the blue or black dragons at the neutral sanctuary of the zone.

Emerald Dream Regions – The ‘New Continent’ of the Dragon’s End Expansion. It can be accessed through any of these five portals: in Duskwood (Twilight Grove), Feralas (Dream Bough), Hinterlands (Seradane), Ashenvale (Bough Shadow) and Crystalsong Forest (The Great Tree) in Northrend. The green dragons no longer defend the portals, as the way has been cleared and secured by members of The Brood of Ysera and the Cenarion Circle.

Suramar – One of the islands surrounding the Maelstrom, and the ancient home of Malfurion and Tyrande. Contains the tomb of Sargeras, which has been reclaimed by the burning legion. The incredible residual powers of their master, Sargeras, are helping them to create a portal to the home world of the Nathrezim. The Naga are also a threat on the islands, combated by the Watchers left over from Maiev Shadowsong. The Rangers have taken up residence here as well, to combat the demons.


The Flight – The reluctant alliance between the remaining blue and black dragons, who are hiding out amongst the mortal races.

The Watchers – An Alliance friendly faction. The remnants of Illidan’s Jailors, made up mostly of Night Elves and Moonkin. Maiev Shadowsong has returned from her pursuit of Illidan in outland, a shadow of her former self, but willing to lead her warriors against the emerald nightmare. Primarily located in the Barrow Deeps and Suramar.

The Rangers – A Horde friendly faction. Composed of many Blood Elves who were once Rangers of Quel’thalas, as well as Dark Rangers of the Forsaken.

Brood of Ysera – Members of the Green Dragonflight, fighting desperately against the nightmare.

Keepers of the Dream – A faction made up of members of the Brood of Ysera and the Cenarion Circle (much like the Ashen Verdict), these various Druids and Dragons are making one last push to the center of the nightmare, and the dark Old God behind it. Reputation can be earned through end-game dungeons and raids alone.

Dungeons and Raids

Time-Lost Prison (Dungeon) – Chromie informs the players that she has found Nozdormu! He has been captured by the Infinite Dragonflight, who is using shadows of the past to guard him. Eye of the Nightmare (Dungeon) – Deep within the reaches of the Barrow Deeps, the Nightmare rests, repairing itself from the damage inflicted by Malfurion Stormrage. A legion of Satyrs, corrupted Druids and Furbolgs, as well as Green Dragons guard the Great Eye. Should the eye be damaged, it would deal a significant blow to the forces of the nightmare.

Caverns of Time: Barrow Deeps (Dungeon) – The Infinite Dragonflight has returned to the time just before the Legion’s assault on Mount Hyjal, in order to do one thing: Prevent Tryande from freeing Illidan Stormrage. Heroes must fight alongside Tyrande (disguised as Night Elves) as she fights her way through Watchers and hidden members of the Infinite Dragonflight. The final encounter will be Califax, the Keeper of the Grove guarding Illidan’s Prison.

Caverns of Time: Tomb of Sargeras (Dungeon) – Players accompany Maiev and her Watchers (again disguised as Night Elves), fighting through demons, skeletal orcs, and Naga, to find Illidan. All the while, Infinite Dragons are trying to kill the Warden, and allow Illidan to destroy the Frozen Throne.

Caverns of Time: Teldrassil’s Corruption (Dungeon) – Witness in person the corruption of Fandral Staghelm, fighting under him in the war of the shifting sands. Once the dungeon is complete, it unlocks a cinematic of Fandral corrupting Teldrassil.

Barrow Dens (Dungeon) – The extensive secret tunnels in Moonglade, where Malfurion once rested, have been overrun by creatures of the Nightmare.

Netherwing Den (Dungeon) – The Flight have taken an interest in the Netherwing Dragons of Outland. Most of their eggs are stored in the den, floating near Shadowmoon Valley. The Dragonmaw Clan of Fel Orcs still holds the area, however, and must be fought through if the blue and black dragons are to take the Nether Dragons under their wing.

Bronze Sanctum (Raid) – Accessible through Wyrmrest Temple, this Mountainous Desert Region is the home to the precious clutches of Bronze eggs. The Infinite Dragonflight has fought its way into the Sanctum, not to destroy these unborn dragons, but to steal the eggs. Heroes must defeat the three Infinite overlords, who are corrupting the eggs with some strange magic, within a set time limit. If they fail, who knows what the Infinite Dragonflight could accomplish with this new clutch of warriors… Upon defeating the final Infinite overlord, heroes will find a magical key that unlocks the very passage into the home base of the infinite!

Infinite Sanctum (Raid) – Only once heroes attain the key from the Bronze Sanctum and free Nozdormu may heroes enter this instance. A twisted mirror image of the home of the Bronze, here is where the agents of the Infinite plot their assaults upon the past. With the help of Nozdormu himself, the adventurers will storm the dark fortress. However, they find that the leader of the flight is not who they expected… A future version of Nozdormu himself! The Bronze aspect admits he saw this coming, as he was granted knowledge of his own death by the titans. With his help, the Infinite Nozdormu is slain. However, with his dying breath, he insists that his past self not surrender himself to fate, to change the future and not become the leader of the Infinite.

Tomb of Sargeras (Raid) – A great Nathrezim has captured the tomb, none other than Mal’Ganis himself. He is using attempting to create a portal to his home world, in order to bring scores of demons through to Azeroth. Using his necromantic powers, he has also risen many fallen denizens of the tombs, including orcs, naga, and night elves. The Risen Naisha, Maiev’s deceased Lieutenant, will be one of the bosses in this raid.

Heart of the Nightmare (Raid) – The final encounter of the expansion. The Keepers of the Dream, led by Malfurion, Cenarius, and Ysera, have fought their way into the pocket of nightmare still raging in the Dream, via the Barrow Deeps. Heroes must defeat the remaining four corrupted dragons, Emeriss, Lethon, Ysondre, and Taerar, before finally facing the Old God behind it all: Hakkar the Soulflayer.

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