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Layr Marik Edit


Layr Marik is an Undead Priest of the Martyr's Blood guild. He was frequently seen spamming the Looking For Group channel, he is also often seen on the SwC forums, he started the infamous 26 page long "I'm in your *noun*, *verbing* your *noun*" thread. It is suspected he is an alcoholic with severe depression and relationship issues.


Name: Brother Layr Marik, Layr Marik the Heretic
Race: Undead - Refuses to be called "Forsaken"
Age: 7 Years Old/Aged to about 30 buy the Scourge Apothocaries.
Class: Priest
Affinity: Balance (Tri-Spec)
Title: Brother Layr Marik
Allies: Narena, Tija (MIA), Warde (MIA), Brahm Anthalas, Wapasha Stormhammer, Mynok.

Biography: Layr Marik's tale is one of dynamic balance. Taken as a child by the Scourge he was subjected to various apothocaric techniques that significantly aged his body. Put to task by the Lich to do terrible acts, Layr arose to find himself, homeless, famililess and utterly destitute. He allied himself to Slyvannis more for his own means to an ends. He dispises the Royal Apothocaric Society, and Sylvannis' plan. Allying himself with the Martyr's Blood Clan, Layr Marik serves his clanmate first and foremost. He holds no true allegence other than that of his Clan. Along with Father Brahm Anthalas he hopes to serve the Clan, and ultimately find redemption for his sins as a scourge minion.


Layr Marik's player loves to RP but is not very found of drama, therefore finds it difficult to partake in large-scale storylines.
Layr, a transfer from the Frostwolf PvP server, initially came to SwC as both a RP griefer and as an economic exploiter. His confession and reform was dialogued on the forums in "Screenshots (ic/occ)." Layr's player is a known alcoholic and is often seen drunk healing or spamming chat. He is in the Martyr's Blood guild for mysterious reasons. He apparently awoke one morning in the guild, after healing Zul'Farrak drunk.

Gossip Edit

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  • Layr has made a very positive impression on Skulda Blackheart. She will often pace the halls of the Undercity mumbling in Gutterspeak, waiting for him to return from battle.
  • With Artrenadys Greyant's decision to 'betray' The Alliance to gain favor with sin'dorei of Silvermoon, Greyant had heard of Brother Marik's grasp of both the Light and the Shadow in her attempts to understand the reemergence of the Light among the blood elves. Luckily, she never encountered this individual while she was among the 'living'.
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