Battlemastergossipicon.png School Reagents Skill
Avenger's Shield Holy Protection
Avenging Wrath Holy Retribution
Blessing of Freedom Holy Protection
Blessing of Light Holy Holy
Blessing of Might Holy Retribution
Blessing of Protection Holy Protection
Blessing of Sacrifice Holy Protection
Blessing of Salvation Holy Protection
Blessing of Sanctuary Holy Protection
Blessing of Wisdom Holy Holy
Cleanse Holy Holy
Concentration Aura Holy Protection
Consecration Holy Holy
Crusader Aura Holy Retribution
Devotion Aura Holy Protection
Divine Intervention Holy [Symbol of Divinity] Protection
Divine Protection Holy Protection
Divine Shield Holy Protection
Exorcism Holy Holy
Fire Resistance Aura Holy Protection
Flash of Light Holy Holy
Frost Resistance Aura Holy Protection
Greater Blessing of Kings Holy [Symbol of Kings] Protection
Greater Blessing of Light Holy [Symbol of Kings] Holy
Greater Blessing of Might Holy [Symbol of Kings] Retribution
Greater Blessing of Salvation Holy [Symbol of Kings] Protection
Greater Blessing of Sanctuary Holy [Symbol of Kings] Protection
Greater Blessing of Wisdom Holy [Symbol of Kings] Holy
Hammer of Justice Holy Protection
Hammer of Wrath Holy Holy
Holy Light Holy Holy
Holy Shield Holy Protection
Holy Shock Holy Holy
Holy Wrath Holy Holy
Lay on Hands Holy Holy
Redemption Holy Holy
Retribution Aura Holy Retribution
Righteous Defense Holy Protection
Righteous Fury Holy Protection
Seal of Command Holy Retribution
Seal of Justice Holy Protection
Seal of Light Holy Holy
Seal of Righteousness Holy Holy
Seal of the Crusader Holy Retribution
Seal of Vengeance Holy Retribution
Seal of Wisdom Holy Holy
Shadow Resistance Aura Holy Protection
Spiritual Attunement Holy Protection
Summon Warhorse Holy Holy
Turn Undead Holy Holy
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