Battlemastergossipicon School Reagents Skill
Avenger's ShieldHolyProtection
Avenging WrathHolyRetribution
Blessing of FreedomHolyProtection
Blessing of LightHolyHoly
Blessing of MightHolyRetribution
Blessing of ProtectionHolyProtection
Blessing of SacrificeHolyProtection
Blessing of SalvationHolyProtection
Blessing of SanctuaryHolyProtection
Blessing of WisdomHolyHoly
Concentration AuraHolyProtection
Crusader AuraHolyRetribution
Devotion AuraHolyProtection
Divine InterventionHoly[Symbol of Divinity]Protection
Divine ProtectionHolyProtection
Divine ShieldHolyProtection
Fire Resistance AuraHolyProtection
Flash of LightHolyHoly
Frost Resistance AuraHolyProtection
Greater Blessing of KingsHoly[Symbol of Kings]Protection
Greater Blessing of LightHoly[Symbol of Kings]Holy
Greater Blessing of MightHoly[Symbol of Kings]Retribution
Greater Blessing of SalvationHoly[Symbol of Kings]Protection
Greater Blessing of SanctuaryHoly[Symbol of Kings]Protection
Greater Blessing of WisdomHoly[Symbol of Kings]Holy
Hammer of JusticeHolyProtection
Hammer of WrathHolyHoly
Holy LightHolyHoly
Holy ShieldHolyProtection
Holy ShockHolyHoly
Holy WrathHolyHoly
Lay on HandsHolyHoly
Retribution AuraHolyRetribution
Righteous DefenseHolyProtection
Righteous FuryHolyProtection
Seal of CommandHolyRetribution
Seal of JusticeHolyProtection
Seal of LightHolyHoly
Seal of RighteousnessHolyHoly
Seal of the CrusaderHolyRetribution
Seal of VengeanceHolyRetribution
Seal of WisdomHolyHoly
Shadow Resistance AuraHolyProtection
Spiritual AttunementHolyProtection
Summon WarhorseHolyHoly
Turn UndeadHolyHoly
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