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Laurlybot is coded in PHP all scripts run off of a debian linux server (which sits under my desk). The bot is split into separate scripts or modules each will be set up to run in cron tab at diffrent intervals depending on what they are designed to do.

Source code

At some point i will be releasing some of the source code for the bot. But i want to make sure its fully tested commented and optimized before i do that. You can find me on IRC if you really want a copy.

Stop button

Each module will have a stop button so that the admins can turn it off if it starts to act up.

Bot recodeing wish list

I am recoding the bot in php so that it can run on the server. Note to admins. I saw a bot on a wiki that had a stop button if the admins thought it was going out of control they could stop it do you want this??

Sky: The stop button just takes us straight to Special:Blockip, which can be readily accessed from the side bar.
  • laurly: Bad idea since the bot will be modular if you block the ip then all the bots will go down instead if just the one thats acting up.

Quest/NPC bot

Once guild bot is running i will start work on NPC bot then Quest bot. I plan on using something called pat template to make life easer to change the page template. This might be added on a wiki page so admins can change it but if they break the pat template code they bought it.

Add any comments you have on how the existing bot worked. What you would like to see done or changed.

Sky's not happy requests:

  • Get rid of the subpages, as it bloats the article count of the wiki.
  • Use wiki-table markup, as opposed to templates. Templates are just adding a (possibly) confusing step
  • Don't use T:Item for anything. It's a transclusion nightmare. (some might disagree with not using it, but the 2nd statement is cold fact).
  • Don't use <br /> for paragraphs.

Sky's happy requests

  • Do eliminate usage of the category "Guilds".
  • Use T:Guildbox to deprecate T:Guild US and T:Guild EU, and maybe even T:Guild (last would require community input).

Old vb bot

Info on the old VB bot can be found in archive1

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