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General Info Edit

Name: Mnemnoth Frostflange

Mnemnoth Frostflange

Nickname: Mem, Little Wildfire

Race: Gnome

Age: 32

Class: Warlock

Professions: Mining and Enchanting

Guild: Shadowgate Sentinels

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description: Mnemnoth has an exotic look that does not seem to be typical for a gnome. Her skin tone, facial features and almond-shaped eyes set her apart as does her dark hair. She seems to be young and vibrant, pretty and exotic.

Personality Description: Mem has the happy, optimistic attitude common to her race. She also has a worldly bent, having spent a good part of her life traveling.

Biography Edit

Mnemnoth Frostflange is the daughter of Hamibad and Marizafan Frostflange. She was born aboard the Blue Moon, a trade ship, somewhere between the southern tip of Azeroth and Eastern Kalimdor. Her parents were exploraventers, gnomish explorers who use local items to invent new devices. Their most well-known success was a flange nut that could stand up to extreme levels of cold, hence the family name. Hamibad and Marizafan also have several other inventions to their name, some of them not so well known. According to Mem, the last item they attempted to design included using fruit found around Stranglethorn to somehow function as a medium for long range communication. The banatelefonicator, or banaphonication system, fell flat.

Mem spent a good deal of her early life constantly moving with her parents. The only time she saw the home city of her race was when the battle against the Troggs was nearly over, shortly before Gnomeregan fell. Mnemnoth and her parents were both affected by the radiation leaks that occurred during the last moments of the city, but members of the Enlightened Assembly of Arcanology, Alchemy and Engineering Sciences were able to save her due to her parents heroic actions in shielding her from the worst of the radiation. However, saving the life of their daughter cost them their own.

Mem was shown great kindness during this period of her life by an older warlock named Quinnette Bramblefoot. The gentle woman became Mem's surrogate family, mentor and teacher as the young girl followed in the footsteps of a woman she greatly admired. When the time arose for Mem to choose what she would do with her life, it came as no surprise when she chose to take up the study of the Fel Arts.

Mem became a star pupil during her classes, following her grandmother's advice and example. She had problems with a few subjects, namely Demonology and Applied Theoretical Arcano-physics but otherwise earned marks of honor for dedication, intelligence and dillegence in study. During her last year of training, her application to the Enlightened Assembly of Arcanology, Alchemy and Engineering Sciences was accepted and she became a card-carrying member. Shortly after graduation, Mem was approached by persons claiming to be involved with an organization known as the Shadowgate Sentinels. After going through an intensive application process, she was accepted.

Currently Edit

Mnemnoth is currently the only practitioner of the Fel Arts in the Shadowgate Sentinels, a fact which has caused her some concern. Believing that she is not fully prepared to handle this responsibility, Mem began to seek out other warlocks. She was shocked at the amount of anger and prejudice directed her way upon her first visit to Stormwind. Seeking refuge, she first sought out the Scions of Darkness, who seemed to be the only organization in support of Warlocks in the city or even the entire Alliance.

However, she quickly began to investigate the history of the order, becoming distrustful as she uncovered more and more of the history of Keruptis SaDiablo. Mem believes that the legacy of Keruptis is too dangerous to ignore and is currently seeking out fellow warlocks to form an alliance to provide an alternative to the Scions and their beliefs and practices.

OOC InfoEdit

The disparate elements that came together in the creation of Mem include, but are not limited too:

A healthy dose of Hobbits. Sam was always my favorite character from Tolkien's novel and the nature of the hobbits has a big influence on the way I perceive gnomish culture. It is also balanced by the Kender from the Dragonlance setting and novels. While the two races are similar, they have their own quirks. I've borrowed and switched from both, happy to dwell slightly on the humorous side of Azeroth that Blizzard does such a good job presenting.

On a more serious note, Mem's sense of humor and her ability to withstand tragedy is heavily flavored by Jewish humor. During the worst parts of the Holocaust and in the terrible years surrounding it, the Jewish sense of sarcastic humor provided a way to deal with the awful reality surrounding them. This wry sense of comedy is written into the language of everyday life, from small turns of phrases to commonly used expressions. The Jewish sense of humor would go on to heavily influence American comedy and it has heavily influenced me - and, by extension, my creation.

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