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Landilari Fairsun: Elder Priestess of the Sin'DoreiEdit

Landilari Suncaller (pronounced Lan-dil-Ah-ree) is an elder priestess of the Sun. Although she has been wed to the now missing Blood Knight, Quelthios Suncaller, she has formed a romantic bond with the aging Blademaster known only as Grimgash the Gray. She has endured many hardships and suffered at the hands of many an enemy however those hardships are surpassed only by the victories she has seen and honor she has attained. She can often be found in Dalaran, Orgrimmar or Silvermoon City.

Basic InformationEdit


Supple robes fall on slender curves. Shoulder length fine white hair outline the mature face of an older woman that has seen and experienced much. Her eyes reveal her gentility and warmth. An ever watchful gaze falling on those that walk past, brush by and stand near.

A deep and vicious scar can be seen across her slender neck, a wound that should have proven fatal. A triangular black crystal adorned with glowing runes and feathers hangs just beneath it from a thin leather strap.

Though she might have once been soft spoken, her voice possesses a raspy texture to its tone, no doubt due to her grievous injury.

Delicate bejeweled hands grasp a intricately carved staff which she leans on when resting or walking.She walks slowly and with a noticeable limp, her weight resting heavily on her staff for support


Landilari is a gentle spirited woman, a nurturer at heart. Her experiences have made her patient, hardened in the ways of the world and tolerant.

Grimgash the Gray: An Aging Blademaster Seeking a Noble DeathEdit

Grimgash the Gray is an Orc warrior of great age and greater skill. Grimgash is not his birth name but a name taken when a second chance at life was given. While the Gray is a title of honor bestowed upon him by his age and longevity in battle. His clan of origin is not known nor is his surname but it is known that he once was mated with an Orc huntress who died in the battle in which his new name was received. He has deep affection for the diminutive elder Priestess, Landilari Suncaller. He can typically be found in Orgrimmar, Dalaran or Silvermoon City.

Basic InformationEdit


One scar. One mark. That he lives, that he survived such a wound is a testament to the strength of Orcs. It is his namesake, his pride and his driving force.

His body, scarred, hardened, tested. His armor, covered with the signs of battle. His failing, distant eyes see fallen comrades. His ears hear the pitched frenzy of war and conflict. This is no young upstart, but a seasoned veteran warrior, likely past his prime.

His grin ever present even in the midst of battle. His stride, ever confident, despite it's hampered gait. His determination, true and steadfast. He views the day with eyes that seek the next clash of steel. Without question, his tales of battle and conflict are many. This is an aged warrior, forged and tempered in battle.

As he passes, an upstart speaks to a companion. "Hmph. another old fool returned to find a "perfect death"" However the companion responds '...or a noble warrior, proud of the race that bred the likes of Broxigar, Thrall, Orgrim and Grom! Leave hm be. Orcs like him, live to die well."


Grimgash is an old and hardened orc who lives by his honor and relies upon his strength. To strangers, he has a tendency to be dour and taciturn. Seldom smiling, always watchful, he is an orc of few words, choosing them carefully and more relying on actions.

In his mind, to live by the blade is to die by the blade and to live with honor is to die with honor. He is a warrior, pure and simple and believes that as such, one must work steel and earth, the source of physical prowess, in order to wield it well. As a result he has honed his knowledge in pursuit of the secrets of metal, earth and stone to the level of a master.

To those he calls friend, he can be relied upon until his dying breath, giving all he can, when he can. Fighting alongside his equals, protecting those who are in need, learning from those whom he respects and carrying out the orders of those who are in command. After all, humility is knowing ones place, be it above or below another. As an enemy one has little to worry about unless they seek direct confrontation with him. To do that however, has proven to be a last act for many.

However this is not to say that he has not met with defeat. His many scars, particularly the one that made him shed his birth name and the name of his clan, are a testament to that fact. A grim reminder that life can be taken in a heartbeat.

Journal and TalesEdit

Before the arrival of Grimgash, there was only Landilari and Quelthios, a regal priestess and a young brash knight newly inducted into the order of the Blood Knights. This is the story of their first meeting.

Having taken place in years past, The Four Winds chronicles tales of war, conflict, abandonment, betrayal, survival and redemption against Alliance forces.

Landilari suddenly returns home after a several month disappearance. Quelthios has gone missing and Grimgash has spent each day searching for her. However her return is bitter sweet.



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