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Here are his ideas for a new end-game expansion:

Dragonflights of Nightmare Edit

The Nightmare is going to be defeated once and for all, but the dragonflights have let loose and helped the main antagonist spread chaos. The corrupt dragonflights are:

The Black Dragonflight, who use their shadow and fire magic to leak the chaos that has been left ever since time began.

The Infinite Dragonflight, they are the ones who are preparing a portal to spread the evil into the starting zones and main cities.

The Red Dragonflight, the ones who use their fiery magic to block way for adventurers and burn the refugees from battle.

The Green Dragonflight which are the protagonists, although the Nightmare affected them, so now they serve for the dread.

The Chromatic Dragonflight who are fire, frost and all elements, but they combine them to cast powerful spells upon those who try and stop the dark ones.

The main antagonist is created by the fears of those put to sleep, but in order to be created someone must have been working for it, and they are one of the Old Gods probably not told about...

The Nightmare Lair Edit

A 60-man raid of possibly level 90-120s. All subzones are shown here:

Necromancer's Stage:

Necromancer Methaal Level ??


Bolt of Wrath- Does 17000 to 19000 nature damage.

Shadow Explosion- Casts a huge shadowy bomb around him, doing 21000 damage to anyone nearby.

Corruption- Corrupts the target, doing 16000 damage over 15 seconds.

Hall of Remembrance:

Wrath Guard Drune Level ??


Fel Immolation- 3560 damage per 3 seconds for 16 seconds.

Thunder Cloud- Does 11000 nature damage around him and gives the effected ones a curse that weakens them.

Fervent Strike- Does 19000 melee damage on the target, 22000 on plate.

Forgotten Hero Azsar Level ??


Shield Slam- Slams his shield towards the target, doing 17400 damage to it.

Uppercut- Throws the enemy in the air, doing 15300 to it.

Clash- After a parry, he uses this ability to stun the target for 3 seconds and do 14600 damage to it.

Focused Mind- Increases damage done by 50% and damage taken by 25%.

Forgotten Soul Level ?? (possibly 90-120)


Forgetful Mind- The target is dazed for 10 seconds, reducing speed by 50% and decreasing damage done.

Arcane Blast- Blasts the target with 9985-10000 arcane damage.

Lifeless Intellect- Increases spell power by 15% for 8 seconds.

Stairs of a Thousand Doors:

Threshold Dark Magician Level ?? (possibly 90-120)


Summon Threshold Beast- Summons a Threshold Beast to aid him/her.

Faerie Fire- Decreases the target's armor by 12000 for 30 seconds.

Gift of the Old God- Heals himself-herself with 201,040-310,000 health.

Shadow Bolt- Does 14000-16000 shadow damage.

Conjurer Dreadla Level ??


Blood Bolt- Does 19000-20100 shadow magic.

Summon Faerie Guardian- Summons a Faerie Guardian to aid her.

Curse of Dreadla- Curses the target, decreasing their armor by 6000 and slowly reduce their mana by 1000 every 4 seconds for 30 seconds.

Conjure Mana Crystal- Conjures a mana crystal. If she uses it, it won't appear in loot.

Fire of Undeath- Does 15000 to anyone nearby, if players are too close, it will increase to 19500.

Threshold Beast Level ?? (possibly 90-120)


Devour Mana- Devours 17800 mana from a target.

Screeching Lurk- The beast hides, stalking a player from behind for 8000 damage.

Faerie Guardian Level ?? (possibly 90-120)


Faerie Fire- Decreases the target's armor by 10355 for 15 seconds.

Faerie's Healing Touch- Heals the ally with 10,000 health.

Wings of Light- Increases healing done by 22%.

The Dread Grove:

Archdruid Satar De'Marque


Wrath- Causes 15000-17800 nature damage to the target.

Rejuvenation- Heals himself for 5,000 health every 8 seconds for 19.

Unstoppable Fusion- Silences anyone nearby for 6 seconds.

Dreadlord Form- Turns himself into a powerful Dreadlord, increasing shadow and fire magic by 25%.

Shadowy Wrath- Causes 19000-23100 shadow damage to the target. An extra burn for 5000 damage over 7 seconds.

Vampiric Drain- Drains 35% of the target's mana and health.

Fel Immolation- Burns the target for 19000 damage over 15 seconds.

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