Tip #1: Spell out acronyms and abbreviations at their first use on any page. For example "The user interface (UI) ...." After that you can use just the abbreviation.

Tip #2: "Newbie" is not a dirty word. You, yourself, were a "Newbie" once. Presumedly you are writing here to help other players, so please try to write in a way that is understandable even to a brand-new player. Always assume the reader is new here, and has no idea what you are talking about.

Tip #3: (Variant of tip #2) It's easy to forget your reader might not have the same background as you. Provide context by always starting off with a simple statement like "&;lt;Article-subject&;gt; is ....."
For example,
"Cosmos is a custom, pre-built, Interface Modification collection (Function Library and AddOn set)."

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Server Alliance Name Race Class Level Profession 1 / Profession 2 Guild
Server:Shadow Council Alliance 15 Laisren Night Elf Druid 12 Skinning / Leatherworking Ombra Luna Temporis Acti / Havoc Battalion
Server:Eredar Alliance 15 Laisren Night Elf Rogue < 6 Herbalism / ?? Not A Guild

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