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Kyshandra creeps through my mind on her hunter's feet, gaze stern and lips tight. She holds an arrowhead in her hand, so very tightly, the pain focusing her on the future she moves toward. Her steps are silent as befits; a whisper only heard as breeze through her hair. Such in silence, however, does a name form on her lips. It comes unbidden, with a softening of her gaze and a pain in her heart and anger in her hands. She will not easily forgive, but she is female, though never human, and as fickle as I. But she does understand, at least as much as I do.
Name: Kyshandra d'Auber

Kyshandra in Darnassus

Nickname: Kysh

Gender: Female

Race: Night Elf

Age: ??

Class: Hunter

Professions: Enchanting and Leatherworking

Guild: unaffiliated but looking

Rank/Position: none

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

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Places frequented:

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Kyshandra and her jaguero stalker, Shinju

Kyshandra is currently looking for a guild to ally. She spends much of her time questing in Nagrand.

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