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{{User Oldskool}}
{{User Oldskool}}
{{User CataPlan}}
{{User CataPlan}}
== Mounts ==
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|{{User Deathcharger}}
|{{User Tiger}}
|{{User RazzashiRaptor}}
|{{User Talbuk}}
|{{User Gyrocoptor}}
|{{User BFKodo}}
|{{User Midnight}}
|{{User Nether ray}}
|{{User Spectral}}
|{{User Crow|Quested}}
|{{User Hawkstrider}}
|{{User Motorcycle|horde}}
|{{User Horseman}}
|{{User Gryphon}}
|{{User Tundra Mammoth}}
|{{User Proto-drake|Blue}}
|{{User Hippogryph}}
|{{User VenomhideRavasaur}}
|{{User Mimiron's Head}}
|{{User CrusaderWarhorse|Horde}}
|{{User Drake}}

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About Me

I'm a fifteen year old boy, living in Sweden. I have studied english for five years, so excuse my spelling and grammars. My dream is to become a programmer, and found my own gaming company. I love RTS games, but I play World of Warcraft too. In the game, I play as a Tauren druid, restoration. I have healed through some pretty tough raids. I began playing Warcraft 3 in 2004, and WoW in 2005. I love collecting mounts, I don't have a hundred yet, but nearly there...


I love dogs and I own two dogs. I don't know what the breeds are called in english. You can see one of them in my user portrait.

Fan Fiction

The Battle for Goldshire


I have only got one character, a tauren druid, who is restoration. My goal is to get the title "Starcaller", which I have been close to. I haven't been to ICC yet. I would like to read Stormrage.

Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Warcraft3box This user has been playing since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
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IconLarge Tauren MaleIconLarge Tauren Female This user plays as a tauren.
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Achievement boss cthun This user's character has cleared the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.
Inv offhand naxxramas 02 This user's character has cleared the original Naxxramas.
Achievement boss kiljaedan This user's character has cleared the Sunwell Plateau.

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