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The Battle for Goldshire

Chapter Two

The army that Dughan had scraped together stood ready to attack the kobold mine. He ordered Josetta to stay behind and tend to all wounded soldiers, if they came back. Lyria was the most eager of the soldiers, jumping around and asking about everything.

"We will charge the mine, Lyria, but we have to wait and get a proper formation first.", as Dughan said this, he saw movement in the darkness of the mine. Then, he saw a weak light, illuminating part of the mine and lifting the darkness. The kobolds were gathering.

"Charge!", he bellowed. Goldshires army ran forward before the kobolds could gather properly.The light in the mine shifted a bit, the kobolds wouldn't leave their candles, even now. The kobold warriors took up their picks and began a charge.

"You no take candle!", they all bellowed as one. The two armies clashed at the entrance to the mine. Dughan set his mind on one of the kobolds, and swung his mace. The kobold, however, disappeared in a large cloud of smoke. It was Wefhellt, who had cast a large fireball at Dughan's kobold. Dughan merely shook his head and charged another kobold. The kobolds were fighting for their lives, but thanks to Wefhellt, Crowe and their apprentices, Goldshire was winning the battle. Dughan saw the kobolds getting terrified. They would only have to kill a few more, and those kobolds would run away. The magical might of Goldshire was enough. But, didn't these creatures have mages of their own? To answer his question, Wilhelm was hit in the chest by a frostbolt. Dughan looked backwards, and saw Wefhellt lying on the ground and Crowe firing shadowbolts like a madman. He then looked to the mine again. What he saw was more kobolds, who were encased in icy armor. They were also flinging fireballs and frostbolts everywhere. Goldshire was being pushed back!

"Take out those mages!" he yelled.

"They are called geomancers... geomancers.", answered Remy.

"Just take them out!"

Lyria slammed one of the geomancers with her shield, and the fire in it's hands died out. She then slashed it with her sword. Dughan took out another one, by caving in it's skull with his mace. He then had to block another fireball from the other koblds. The army from Goldshire was seeing that the geomancers could be taken out. They all charged the mine and swarmed over the geomancers as ants over honey.

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