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Chapter Three

Dughan looked deeper into the mine, it was dark. The kobolds were many, but Goldshires men were stronger. Goldtooth would fall, and with him the kobolds would be gone from the mine. The first battle had gone well. The entrance to the mine was taken, and the few kobolds that had been sent forward had been taken care of. Soon, they would charge deeper into the mine. Goldtooth was waiting...

"They want candle.", the laborer reported to Goldtooth. His golden tooth shone through the darkness, and his big candle illuminated the whole cave.

"They want candle, we give them eldanc!", he pronounced. The kobolds in the cave smiled and began cheering. A large box was transported to Goldtooth. On the side, it was written "ELDANC". The two kobolds carrying it was very careful. They knew that if they dropped it, there would be no mine to rule. Goldtooth impatiently waited for the pair to place it down. He then opened it and picked up a small red stick. It was dynamite.

"A group of kobolds are approaching, sir!"

"Attack them!" Dughan yelled. Suddenly, he heard a large explosion. A bunch of warriors came flying through the air. They all held their shields up, as if bracing for a blast. They were all... dead. A shocked Dughan watched as many more soldiers came flying. None of them ever rised again. He turned, just in time to see a kobold throwing something small. The object landed in front of a soldier, who ran in fear. The object exploded, sending more warriors to their death.

"Dynamite!" a soldier yelled, explaining what the small objects was. The kobolds were throwing dynamite. A stick of dynamite landed next to Dughan, he picked it up and threw it at the kobolds. The explosion sent kobolds to their deaths and more soldiers picked up dynamite for returning.

"Charge!" Dughan ordered. Within minutes, the kobolds were overrun.

"Let's go, to kill Goldtooth!" Dughan yelled, pointing deeper into the darkness of the cave. His army cheered and pushed deeper...

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