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The Battle for Goldshire

Chapter One

"You no take candle!"

"I don't want your damned candle."

Marshal Dughan blocked the angry kobolds attack with his shield, and then swung his spiked mace in a wide arc. The kobold stopped, and jumped away. Dughan's mace missed, and the spikes digged deep into the earth. The kobold made it's best attempt at a smile, and jumped forward to finish him off. The pick, that the kobold carried as a weapon, was stopped by Dughan shield. Dughan then pulled his mace free, and brought it up. The kobold was launched several feet away.

"They are too many, my lord", bellowed Wilhelm, Goldshire's finest paladin.

"Sound the retreat, pull back from the mine.", Dughan said to Krighton. The old armorer took up a horn and blew a mighty blast. The kobolds in the mine hesitated. The small party took the opportunity and ran away.

Marshal Dughan lay in his bed, thinking of the problems of the Fargodeep Mine. It had been overrun by kobolds some time ago, and the efforts to retake it hadn't gotten anywhere. The kobolds were lead by a large kobold named Goldtooth. He had the help of Narg, who seemed to be some kind of taskmaster. Stormwind had promised help, but no backup had arrived. If nothing was done, the kobolds could begin attacking Goldshire. That wasn't allowed to happen. Dughan promised himself to present the tooth of Goldtooth to the king.

"We march today, upon Fargodeep Mine. To rid it of the kobold menace once and for all. We do it for our beloved town, so that Goldshire may prosper. We do it for our beloved king, to show our dedication. We...", Dughan was interupted in his speech.

"I think he wants lower taxes", whispered one villager.

"I heard he wants to sell a tooth to the king", mumured another.

"Can we go now?" wondered another.

"Let's go!" Dughan yelled, his voice piercing the whispers and making the villagers stand straight. The makeshift army moved through the heavy mist of the morning and made it's way to Fargodeep Mine. Their goal was to slay the kobold known as Goldtooth, and free the mine from the kobolds grasp...

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