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The Battle for Goldshire Edit

Chapter Four

"Light some fires and set up a small camp, we will rest here for some time." Dughan ordered his soldiers. He sat down himself, and accepted a chunk of meat from Wilhelm. The soldiers began lightning fires, which did little to illuminate the cave. The deeper they got, the more kobolds they met. They had already taken down Narg. His corpse was still in one of the upper sections of the mine. Only Goldtooth remained, but he still had a great force with him. Dughan had lost a quarter of his soldiers. An attack from the kobolds was likely being planned, noone knew how many kobolds still lurked down the caverns. It was easy to see when an attack was underway, because the faint light from the kobolds candles lit up the cave. That was strange, because the soldiers fires didn't pierce the darkness, however, so did the light from the candles. Maybe that was why they were so dear to the kobolds. The barricade that had been set up by the soldiers, got brought down in a matter of seconds. The kobolds were not as many as before, but still enough to pose a threat to the exhausted army. A blinding light shot forth fom Wilhelm, and the old paladin jumped into the battle.

Several hours later, the kobolds bodies lay in a pile, barricading the way down. No more kobolds were attacking, and the soldiers had rested. It was time for an attack. Goldtooth would be slain.

"Wefhellt, move the bodies, please" Dughan told the mage. Wefhellt merely nodded and raised his hand. A second or two later, a fireball emerged. It blasted away the makeshift barricade, and they way was clear. Goldtooth was waiting.

"Let's go!" Dughan yelled, his scream echoing through the mine. A great cheer arose among the battered soldiers. As one, they rose and rushed through the opening, into the darkness...


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