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I'm currently out of game time, but I'm looking forwards to Mists of Pandaria!


Character List
Character Name Realm Name Race Class Professions Photo
Faana Steamwheedle Cartel (US) Female Night elf Warrior Miner/Engineer Faana Aerowin Kar'Indel
Kjasi Steamwheedle Cartel (US) Male Human Priest Tailor/Enchanter
Kjasee Steamwheedle Cartel (US) Male Gnome Mage Herbalist/Skinner (will be Inscriptionist when Wrath-Logo-Small comes out!)
Faana Draenor (US) Female Tauren Druid Herbalist/Alchemist

About Kjasi

Kjasi is both a casual, and a dedicated player. He mostly tries to have fun, but sometimes knows what has to work. He also makes several Mods.


Kjasi has been helping the WoWWiki community by filling out pages, and even wrote "HOWTO: Create Defaults" for others to learn from.



Another simple addon that calculates how many bars of experience you need to level. This saves you time when a guildmate/friend asks "How many bars until you level?", because you no longer have to count. This tells you EXACTLY how many you need!


Tired of not knowing what recipes he already knows, he wrote RecipeKnown, which colors recipes in the Auction House, in Merchant windows, and other places. This addon also colors recipes known by your alts.


A simple mod that displays the Item ID of any item linked to it. Does not work with enchantments.

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