About Me Edit

I am 31, married and have two children. I am a Software Development Engineer by trade and am currently finishing my Bachelor's degree just so I won't have to be a hypocrit when telling my son and daughter they have to complete college.

My wife is more of a WoW addict than I am and I am sure our children are on their way. ;)

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General Character InfoEdit

Warcraft1box This user has been playing since the beginning: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

Ability parry This user is dedicated, but not hardcore.

MaleIcon This user plays as a male character.

Icon OnlyHorde Death to the Alliance!
This user only plays as a member of the Horde.

Characters Edit

Status Server Faction Name Race Class Level Professions Guild Mount
Active Sen'Jin US Horde 32 Alhambra IconLarge Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes priest 70 Herbalism, Alchemy The Dracolich Guard Purple Warsteed
Blue Windrider
Active Sen'Jin US Horde 32 Sorak IconLarge BloodElf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter 27 Skinning, Leatherworking The Dracolich Guard
Inactive Sen'Jin US Horde 32 Kitan IconLarge Orc Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue 11 The Dracolich Guard
Inactive Sen'Jin US Horde 32 LornAlt IconLarge BloodElf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin 1 The Dracolich Guard
Inactive Aggramar US Alliance 32 Sorak IconLarge Dwarf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter 60 Mining, Engineering Standard Ram
Inactive Aggramar US Alliance 32 Alhambra IconLarge NightElf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes druid ~40 Tailoring, Enchanting
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