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Basic Info

OOC note: (last known picture from her younger days, still none could see her face)

Name: Alliance Kirinala (last name unknown)
Current Occupation: Unknown. Former Rogue Captain to Templars Call, and once Leviathan Guard for the pirates of Dragons Elite
Professions: Mining, Skinning - she enjoys the financial profit.
Race: IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Night Elf
Age: Undisclosed, though she carries the physical appearance of a human woman in her early twenties.
Class: Rogue} Rogue
Sex: Female
Hair: Prussian blue
Eyes: Silver
Markings, Features: In a blue tone that compliments her hair, Kirinala carries markings around each of her eyes that are quite common for her race; however, the pattern is not all that common resembling that of two butterfly wings across her eyes and lacing down her cheekbones fading in and out of a green tone.

Server: Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US
Guild: Awakened||URL


Most of her abilities are unknown, even to her own guild mates due to her loner status.

Weapons of Choice: (at least what she has been seen using in combat)
Dual daggers - ..and usually laced with a poison some eyewitnesses have said.

  • in the past she has also been seen dual wielding a sword/dagger combination.

Throwing stars, knives, axes.
Cross bow.

Considered a master of deception and manipulation amongst those she's come in contact with. She denies these theories though, what rogue would admit to such?
First aid.
A very twisted method of interrogation if left alone with a 'prey'.
Jewel hording.


Most night elves are born within the forests of Teldrassil, but Kirinala can't recall where she was born. All she can remember is that at some point in her childhood she awoke at Conservator Ilthalaine's feet. He spoke of how she fell out of some portal comprised of black magic. As time went on Kirinala began to have flashbacks to before her training with Conservator Ilthalaine. She remembered her parent's death, but she never told Conservator Ilthalaine what all she remembered, just enough. He has mentioned to Fandral Staghelm of hearing Kirinala mention Lord Valthalak and General Drakkisath in her sleep quite often, she described Drakkisath, but did not know the name; she remembered Lord Valthalak's name for some reason - she also claimed to remember a male cloaked in shadows as well; the identity was unknown for quite sometime. She would recall a voice that her words have failed to describe, a terrible darkness; far beyond what her dreams would show her. He only mentioned this as a precaution, for if they were the cause of her parent's death, and she escaped from them, it could prove to be quite unfavorable for the people of Teldrassil if anyone from Blackrock Spire came for her. After all, she was the one who was kidnapped that caused her parents to search for her.

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Undisclosed rumors

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One sighting of Kirinala was when she assaulted the Goldmines at the Arathi Basin under the cover of night on July 10, 2007 in her younger days with the Elites. After laying waste to an orc rogue and ripping the Horde's flag from the post there, laying claims under the Alliance of the territory, she went to aid a comrade who was being slaughtered by a tauren. She slipped into the shadows just before reaching him and moved behind for a quick ambush that sent the tauren fleeing from her nearly dead. He ran for the cliff edge just before the Goldmines, and in an act of desperation he leapt from the side in animalistic form. Kirinala dared to follow and dove off right behind him. She was in perfect condition so she could take the fall with ease; she knew that, she had done it before. Apparently the tauren thought that if he did not survive the fall he would at least revive within a few feet of the Alliance flag to take the Goldmines, but he was wrong. Kirinala ripped the Horde insignia from his body and spit on his corpse. The witness to this act told the other members of her chasing the tauren off the cliff; it was then that Kirinala was heard stating, "If I want you dead, you will die; even if I have to chase you off a cliff to do it." Uneasy laughter was heard from some as they rubbed their necks, while others smiled with pride of having someone so ruthless on their side.

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