The Ruins of Akia's Castle was destroyed by the Orcs in Hellfire Peninsula, The castle was built in the camp of the orcs secretly by the Human peasants to keep the orcs distracted by it, while the orcs being distracted, the Night elf warriors will get in the encampment freely without difficulty, and destroy the Horde encampment. While the night elves continue making such a noise, the orc people splits up, the huger crowd of orcs to the night elves, and the other crowd stayed to disarm Akia's Castle, The humans were commanded by Tyrandylyn, and the night elves were commanded by the Keeper of the grove. Meanwhile the demons of Hellfire Peninsula senses their presence and quickly joined the battle, this made the operation to collapse and the night elves were tightened up, so the people of Akia's Castle became scarce. The original plan was created by Tyrandyln, which is to build the Castle, and the warriors in the castle are only peasants and Militia power so that they wouldn't spend a lot of time training but still perfect for the plan battle. After the demons came battling anyone at sight, the orcs became eager to destroy the Castle and to meet the demons to kill them with their bare hands. Once the Castle was destroyed, The night elves including Tyrandylyn was forced to retreat. Even though the Castle was shattered to ruins, the human encampment led by Tyrandylyn at the other side of Hellfire Peninsula still lives on at Warcraft, but the drums of war still thunders in rage.

Trivia Edit

The Ruins doesn't exist in World of Warcraft, it was strictly made only for the custom mode of the map in Warcraft called Hellfire.

All in the population of 80,000 died including Tyrandylyn, but Tyrandylyn died in a different matter. See Tyrandylyn.

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