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Fact List

Name: Kharajan Stormstriker (though she has now taken the name of Stormcaller in honor of the Tribe that took her in when she first came to this world((server)), and is also known as a Gifted of Nozdormu)

Race: Troll

Home Server: Server:Steamwheedle Cartel (US)

Class: Shaman

Professions: Hammer Crafterand Master Assayer

Guild: Loyalist of the Shadow

Talents: 0/43/18

Physical Description: ~300 lbs. and 6'11" Kharajan is a tall and lithe troll with a dark purple mohawk. Her most distinguishing feature is her bronze colored eyes that glow when she gets angry. Her eyes also have vaguely reptilian pupils that resemble those of a dragon.

History: Insights to her past can be found here.


Kharajan is often seen by outsiders as distant and unsettling. This is partially due to her strong ties to the Shamanistic Spirits and partially due to the lore and powers granted to her by Nozdormu when he brought her to this world. Due to these gifts, she will occasionally be seen communing with the spirits for extend periods of time or will know things that she should shouldn't be able to know, such as somre bit of forgotten lore or the dispostion of her enemies before she even sees them.

Kharajan will do anything for the members of her tribe, frequently throwing herself into harms way so they may escape.

Since joining Hell Shadow, she has somewhat open up, knowing that she needs the clan's help to accomplish the goals set out for her by the Bronze flight, and also she is just more at ease among the camaraderie the clan enjoys, rather then the tension/apathy of her previous associations.

Current views

Kharajan is currently working to gather items of power to help her accomplish the work in Outland asked of her by the Bronze flight. She has already helped them protect the time lines of the original Dark Portal and Thrall's escape. Also she investigated both the Violet Eye and the demonic presence at Medivh's Tower for the Bronze flight.

Although she aids the Bronze flight and could almost be considered Dragonkin due to the changes that have manafested in her since Nozdormu melded minds with her, she has avoided the Caverns of Time as much as possible as of late. Some of this is due to being busy in Outland, but mostly, it is due to the fact that with Nozdormu absent, some of the other members of the Bronze flight have made it clear that they are not pleased that a mortal was given such powers by the Aspect.

IC Character Views

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-Cingcing sees Kharajan as a true friend, and not just an ally. Although he doesn't see her often, usually only in Guild Meetings, Cingcing would gladly help Kharajan in any endeavor that arose, if she needed help that is.

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