The satyrs that joined the Horde are satyrs that have left Legion or have never been part of it. Satyrs, that mutated to satyrs agains their will. Now they seek acceptance and allies, knowing that Alliance would never want them (Alliance would most likely try to slaughter them), so they joined the Horde, knowing that they would help and protect them, from both Legion and Alliance. The bloodelves were the first race that accepted them, mostly because they share history, enemies and magic hunger. Then orcs saw Satyrs as potential ally agains legion, and last Tauren and Forsaken accepted them, knowing that Satyrs try too find cure to their curse.

Satyrs have build their capital somewhere near Hyjal, around mystical well that gives power and feeds their magic addiction, naming their new home Shalanor, Safe heavens. Legion corrupted Ancients and treants at third war, and satyrs adopted these poor trees from wandering lost in misery. Now they protect Shalanor as Shalanor protects them, without new home night elves would have surely killed them, thinking its some form of mercy. Shalanor is covered with green mist that corrupted trees product. Prince Charo´s trone room is carved in top of biggest Ancient, that rooted itself in border of mystical well, where it gains its unnatural size and what is rumored to be what is left from Well of Eternity. That Ancient is so huge, that its roots have overwhelmed some parts of Shalanor. Other races often find Shalanor as abominable place, but it is haven to misunderstanded race looking for mercy.


Satyrs main language is Eredun (aka Demonic) because not all satyrs were highborne, so its like Satyrs common.

Racial Abilities

Spell shadow antimagicshell Instantly damages opponent X shadow damage. If targed dies under effect, spell heals caster for Y.
Shadow Resistance 
Spell shadow antishadow Increase Shadow Resistance by 10.
Frightening Appearance 
Spell shadow curseoftounges Reduces the chance you'll be hit by melee and spells by 1%
Strong Mind
Spell arcane mindmastery Increase resistance to fear and disorient effects by 15%.

Newb Quests

Pritty much like bloodelf quests, explaining lore, helping to build their new home, fighting with legion thats trying to enslave satyrs, friction with night elves, and at last, Meeting the Warchief like quest.

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