"Bound to the iron will of the tyrant Deathwing, the vast dragon armies of Black Dragonflight seek to eradicate all non-dragonic life on Azeroth. Led by the dragon, Chronogos, a group of renegades broke away from Black Dragonflight and freed themselves from the Deathwing's domination. Known by some as the True Chromatic Dragonflight, this group dragons and drakonids a constant battle not only to retain its freedom from Black Dragonflight, but also revenge their fate, killing Deathwing the Destroyer. With Chronogos as their aspect leader, true Chromatic Dragonflight have conquered a mountain from Black Dragonflight, known as Smokehill Mountain, building their new home there. This hidden capital forms a sprawling labyrinth that stretches beneath the clandestine ground of the Burning Steppes. Though the very land is lost, the servants of mad Deathwing still cling to their scattered holdings, obsessed with the eradication of the chromatic dragons and retaking their homeland. True Chromatic Dragonflight needed help, and they had to make hard decision, Dragons, Alliance or Horde. If they side with either, they get new enemies. After losing Blue and Black dragonflight to madness, and knowing how the Horde treats dragons, they had to choose the Alliance. Convinced that the haughty races of the Alliance can help them achieve victory over their enemies, the true Chromatic Dragonflight have entered an alliance of convenience. Harboring no true loyalty for their new allies, they go to any lengths to ensure their plans come to fruition. The members of the true Chromatic Dragonflight have a simple task - to massacre any who pose a threat to the new order, human, dragons or otherwise."

Racial Abilities

Chromatic Resistance 
Spell nature elementalprecision 1 Increases all resistances by 5.
Spell shadow unholystrength Max Health increased by 5%.
Dragon slaying 
Ability backstab Damage dealt versus Dragons and Dragonkin increased by 5%.
Agitating Cry
Inv misc head dragon 01 Interrupts spellcasting and dispels sleep and fear effects.

Newb Zone

Drakonids newb zone is in burning steppes unexplored section.

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