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General Info Edit

Name: Kalikiara Ironblade (Kali for short)

Kali in Orgrimmar

Race: Orc

Age: 23

Class: Warrior

Talents: 5/36/10

Professions: Mining (300) and skinning (300)

Guild: None

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description: A tall, straight standing orc with glowing red eyes. Her armour has nicks all over it, with some deeper gashes. There is dried blood filling in the scrapes and her shirt is soaked red. She has a scar over her left eyebrow. Her shirt is cut and what you can see of her arms and hands are covered in wounds of varying degrees of healing.

Personality Description: At times can be thoughtlessly cruel to other horde members, especially forsaken,but she's friendly and always up to talking with others. She's very fickle and does what she feels like at that point in time. Enjoys the slaughter and killing alliance while they're on their own turf. Can be very reckless in battle, running in without reinforcements. She has a very one tracked mind, and is often seen talking about or planning for her romps with Grot, minus the gory details, especially after slaughtering alliance.

A Brief Bio Edit

Kali and her sister Lae were raised by their Stormreaver parents. When Kali was young she took Lae away from their parents and raised her on her own with the help of her friend Grot. They nurtured Lae until she was 14 and then left to continue with their own training: Kali as a warrior and Grot as a shaman. They separated, and Grot, frustrated with failing at being a shaman, delved into the darker magics and became a warlock.

Convinced that Kali, who was quickly becoming a strong warrior of the horde, would never love him, he preformed a ritual which made her thirst for blood. However, it also made her subservient to Grot, which meant she wasn't the strong and independent warrior he fell in love with. He preformed many tests, trying to bring back the 'old' Kali, all of which failed. He took to torturing his succubus, as Kali took to watching her sister.

Then one night, after hours of Kali trying to sexually please Grot, he became violent and tried to strangle her. Nearing death, Kali savagely beat him until he was unconscious (causing his jaw to still ache). She bandaged him and left, wandering for a few days, before deciding that it was her fault and that all she had to do was please him better.

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Currently Edit

Grot is convinced that the 'old' Kali is back, and Kali is trying her best to please Grot. They hold a house in Winterspring that they killed a night elf to obtain and they meet there most nights, though they sometimes spend the night in Orgrimmar.

Can usually be found near the auction house in Orgrimmar drinking and talking to whatever passerbyers catch her eye.

Other Notes Edit

Frequent poster on the SWC WOW Forums. Somewhat of a "mother" figure on the WOW forums.

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