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General Info

Name: Grot Viletaint


Race: Orc

Age: 24

Class: Warlock

Talents: 33/7/11

Professions: Tailoring (300) and Enchanting (300)

Guild: None

Home Server: Steamwheedle Cartel US

Physical Description: His once bright green skin is tainted a dark sallow tint. Covered in numerous scars, not the least of which are the series of red lines over his left eye and brow, Grot is no newcomer to the battlefield and does not shy away from a fight.

Grot tends to look about suspiciously, never trusting his current safety. His robes wreak of death though his appearance, including his trimmed beard, appear well kept.

Personality Description: A vile, corrupted manipulater. Grot has lost touch with almost every shred of his orcishness in his persuit of power.

A Brief Bio

Born the child of clanless peons, Grot learnt lifes lessons the hard way. Very early on he encountered the young orc girl Kalikiara, and her little sister Lae. Together the parentless orcs struggled for survival together.

Grot's admiration and growing infatuation with the mighty Kali grew over the years, and when they joined with the new Horde under Thrall, he sought the path of the shaman to grow worthy of her. However, the path of the shaman was long and required immense patience. The elements were weary of granting him their immediate acceptance because of his over eagerness for power, which drove him to the ways of the warlock.

Upon receiving his new power and returning to the now fiersome warrior Kali, he was pained to find that she was repulsed by his path in life. But in the end, his persistence and the many dark deals he wrought in blood and magic, bound her to him.

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Can sometimes be found stalking about Orgrimmar or racing off to defend some corner of Horde territory from the Alliance.

Other Notes

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