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Skyland is located over Azeroth and is accesed thorugh either Capital city in Azeroth. Skyland is a 79-90 level zone with lots of instances. one of them is Valdarans lair in the game: Valdarans Revenge. Valdaran is the king of the dragons, and is located in his lair. Skyland zones includes(arrenged after level): Cloud fortrss(79-82), Sky rift(81-84), Land of heavem(83-85), Colosal sun temple(84-86) Moon temple(87-88) and Thunder Clouds(88-90). and the playable class Necromancer. Skyland Was Discovered By Val'Daran.


Val'Darans Past

Val'Daran was as young Wyrmrest in love with Alexstrasza, one day he was walking through the streets of Wyrmrest Accord, the old city of the Wyrmrest people, immedeatly Dragon Slayers ran into the City Val'Daran in Panic ran to his Father King Of The Dragons, however both his parents die in the attempt to fight the Invaders. Val'Daran then decides to priority others safety over his own, and helps several Wyrmrest people to leave unharmed, Alexstrasza, however refuses to leave , but Val'Daran pushes her out of the gate lleading outside the town and rans into the burning City To Confront the attackers and the Mighty Dragon Slayer Galanoth, Val'Daran uses his true power , making the dragon Slayer retreat in Fear, he then promises Alexstrasza to find a new Home for The Wyrmrest and takes 50 Legions of soldiers to Skyland in Hope of Conquering it. Alexstrasza Then becomes a part of the red Dragonflight, where the war begins.

Val'Daran takes Revenge!!

Val'Daran and Alexstrasza keeps contact with letters, several mentioned in a Vision showing Val'Daran before he went insane. Val'Daran Several times wrote to Aleztrasza and once visited her after 3 years in Skyland, however several legions where ambushed making Val'Daran leave with Alexstrasza alone again, Val'Daran continued his fight against the Skyland People. a half year after Alexstrasza breaks up with Val'Daran Leaving him Heart broken, and at that point Staring his turn to darkness, loneliness and Insanity. Val'Darans Sorrow grew everyday, leaving him stronger than before. Val'Daran Conquers Skyland, and rules it with hard hand, eventually the people of skyland turns against him only for him to lay waste to every city, temple and camp, he gained the power of necromagic, and raised his dead legions again only to let loose of his Broken Heart, eventually he cant take the pain and torns it out, and throws it away down to Azeroth, where it laid for centuries doing the wars on Azeroth. Alexstrasza's Son also Val'Darans son one day discovers the heart and brings it to the Wyrmrest, to let it be identified as Val'Daran, when its discovered Several Wyrmrest Undeads appears to retreive it, Alexstrasza manage to beat most of them only letting 2 survive cause they got the heart and escaped. Alexstrasza now orintated of the Situtation now called upon the alliance and Horde, to Defeat Val'Daran before he grew so strong that noone could stop him, eventuatly she made contact with The Dramans, the Celtics, the Muta and Muta gnomes, with the Celtic and Draman fighting for the alliance and the mutas for the horde. Val'Daran knowing on this, prepared himself and hid to train at an fort hidden in Skyland, never to be seen again by anyone and his fate ramained a mystery.

Skyland Zones

Cloud Fortress

The cloud fortress is the start zone and have 2 portals to enter for Hordes and alliance, the west camp is for alliance, and south camp for hordes. The cloud fortress is inhabited with humanoids, and the Crystalmoon city similar to the Shattrar city in terrokar. stars of heaven is known as the place of the gods, supposily to light up like stars, the quaked cloud is where the earthquake has hit, a few areas has been raveled by rifts and earthquakes. the crossroads the location and meeting place of most roads to camps and cities including the road to scorched plains and the border to land of heaven. thunder peaks is uneplored, and almost unknown. cloud fortress is inhabited by level 79- 82 monsters.

Cloud Fortress

The Cloud Fortress

Sky Rift

The Sky rift is located in Skyland at the north, and is dominated by the Rift running across the land, stopping before reaching the land of heaven. th rift is usually inhabited by draginkin and humanoid, and a few beasts known as dust wolves. Sky Rift i not inhabited by any city, only camps, and no camps specific for the horde or alliances. The rift itself is inhabited by Torned Wraiths, and Rift Wraiths and also known Enraged Rift Wraiths. Their level 90 mobs and got an average health of 78 000. uses attacks: Wrath, Rift, Stunning Eye and Rift Claw.

Sky Rift

Sky rift map

Land Of Heaven

Land of Heaven is the largest zone in Skyland, the fort of heaven is a free for all city. east to the city is a unknown zone marked ???, as anyone traveling there forgets their memory, not to mention the caption "the Spirit you didn't see did not try to kill you" Land of heaven is the only zone in Skyland inhabited by sea creatures, and beats, its also known to have the free corner, wher no monsters are located, Crypt of hell is located here.

Heaven Land

World of Warcraft: Rebellion


The Celtic Elves

The Celtic(or high Elves) is a race from World of warcraft. they are strong creatures and are reliable on their strength, not many mages or warlocks are seen between the hordes of elves, they also use Celtic bots as a replacement for their soldiers in desperate times where soldier recruitment is hard.

Dulmorak The king of the celtics
Titan-Hand Pit
Astro the stone hard
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