Joseph Lithius

aka Josephine Lithius

Doc Lithius
<Some Guy>
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Musician, Writer
Affiliation Freelance

Important Notice

I've moved on to the Wowpedia! You can find me over here now. This page is just here for...ya know...nostalgia I guess.


'sup. Ain't much here, I realize, but at some point in the near future...there will be!
In the meantime, check out the links below.
Otherwise, check out my User Talk or Contributions! Or even talk to me!
(Truthfully, I don't have much to contribute here that isn' here. So...yeah.)

~ Doc Lithius [U|T|C]

User Trivia

  • I've played every game in the Warcraft series...except Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness and Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal.
    • --which is something I plan to rectify in the near future.
  • I fail on a cataclysmic level when it comes to Warcraft III online.
  • I'm heavily into lore. So much so, in fact, if someone gets something wrong, I immediately verbally slap them for it. >_> <_<;
  • I'm knowledgable in "Wiki-code" thanks to Wikipedia and a couple other Wikis I regularly visit.
    • Knowing HTML as I do also helps.
  • I've been creating templates left and right here on this Wiki. Whether they'll catch on or not, I don't know... Some are useful. Others are more "personal templates," perhaps...
  • I find exploring World of Warcraft more enjoyable than powerlevelling and have a habit of stabbing people who tell me things like "OMG POWER LEVEL SO WE CAN GO ON ENDGAME RAIDS PLZ". In fact, one such person is the entire reason I left Rexxar!
  • I have other interests besides Warcraft.
  • This user prefers to RP.


Name Faction Server Race Class Guild Mary-Sue Rating
Thoradd Alliance 15 Aerie Peak US IconSmall Dwarf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter None N/A
Kulah Horde 15 Aerie Peak US IconSmall Troll Female Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage None N/A

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