Jormungand roams the realm of Bronze Dragonflight in search of monsters to slay. Once he has found an appropriate monster, he loiters in the area until the local inhabitants are sufficiently terrified, and then ambushes it and claims the reward. In this way he has built up vast fortunes which he has apparently donated to charity, although he refused to comment on precisely which charity this was.

The last recorded sighting of Jormungand was somewhere in the Burning Steppes, where he was reportedly investigating the summoning of Ragnaros. However many claim to have seen him since, although most of these witnesses have recently died in mysterious circumstances.


Jormungand is known to be fluent in Common and Dwarvish, but can also speak passable Darnassian and Orcish. Where he must converse in other languages he uses a top secret goblin-designed Mega-Translator Mk XXVII, the schematics of which are known only to him and the deceased creator.


Although officially a member of the Alliance, he will serve anyone who has enough money. He has on occasions served the Forsaken in defeating the Scourge, and the Scourge in defeating the Forsaken. It is unknown why the Lich King allowed him to remain alive, but one can assume that he is needed for some future purpose. Once he was even sent undercover into the Caverns of Time - Battle of Mount Hyjal by the Burning Legion, apparently to make sure the timeline progressed as it should, but in reality to sabotage the efforts of the defenders. However he was discovered by the Bronze Dragonflight and was forced to flee.

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