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New Horde Race - Worgen

Several years ago the worgen civilisation was thrown into turmoil by the mysterious disappearance of many of its citizens. Reports suggested that sometimes hundreds of portals would open all at once in locations right across the Worgen Empire, drawing in any worgen in the vicinity. Among them were many of their best warriors who were needed in the struggle against the Lords of the Emerald Flame, and with the loss of so many the Empire began to crumble. For a while they managed to cope, but then the disappearances suddenly began to increase exponentially. Empress Gar'zhal, last of the Flamebane dynasty, ordered her shamans to investigate, and after weeks of hard work they succeeded in recreating a portal to the mysterious realm to which so many had been taken.

What they found on the other side shocked them. Their brethren had been subdued and enslaved by a race of violet-skinned creatures who stood upright on two legs. The shamans tried to release them but found that they had gone mad and attacked any who were not servants of the slavers. Upon reporting this to their Empress, Gar'zhal wanted to declare war on the Kaldorei, as they were known, but decided to postpone it when she learned that they too fought against the Emerald Flame, though they knew them as the Burning Legion. However from that moment on a number of spies accompanied the leader of the slavers, one Velinde Starsong, wherever she went. And when she left to journey across the sea the spies took the opportunity to kill her.

Even though the slaves could not be redeemed, there was great celebration in Flamebane City when the news came out. The worgen people believed that they no longer had anything to fear from this Azeroth, and could focus all their strength on defeating the Lords of the Emerald Flame. So they were dismayed when less than a year later more began to vanish in greater numbers than ever before. The spies journeyed back into Azeroth, to try and find the one who had rediscovered the secret, and eventually tracked the mage responsible down to a thin strip of forest along the coast known locally as Silverpine. In revenge they slaughtered both the wizards and their undead enemies, but again found that those already summoned could not be redeemed.

Then devastating news came from the homeworld. The Lords of the Emerald Flame had won the long war and vanquished the Empire, destroying all in their path. With nowhere else to turn many of the surivors fled to Azeroth in the hope that there they could find new allies both to destroy the Emerald Flame and to take revenge on those who would enslave them. Due to a miscalculation in portal construction they ended up many miles south of Silverpine in the kingdom of Gilneas. To their joy they discovered that Gilneas had cut itself off from the outside world and so were able to swiftly conquer it. Then, as the worgen armies marched out to raze Shadowfang Keep to the ground, they made contact with the Forsaken of the Sepulcher and were offered a place in the Eastern Horde to battle against their common enemies.

Racial Information

  • Starting zone:
  • 1-10 Zone: Gilneas, recently taken from the humans who now fight to get it back
  • 10-20 Zone: Silverpine Forest, same as the Forsaken
  • Racial capital:


  • Mournful Howl - causes mobs in a 10 yard radius to run in fear
  • Predatory Instincts - able to consume the bodies of fallen beasts or humanoids. Worgen are prepared to eat anything, even their own kin.
  • Unarmed Specialisation - unarmed skill increased by 10%. They come with weapons built-in in the form of teeth and claws.
  • Shadow Resistance - +10 Shadow Resistance
  • Track Mob - causes the target to appear on the minimap. Worgen have an excellent sense of smell which they can use to track just about anything.


  • Shaman - The worgen have always respected the elements, even on their home world.
  • Rogue - Able to silently stalk an enemy for hours on end, and then tear it to shreds within a matter of seconds, worgen are a natural choice for rogues.
  • Warlock - Many worgen saw the benefit of using the Emerald Flames own magic against them. Unlike in other cultures the warlocks are regarded as worthy of great praise for being prepared to take this sacrifice.
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