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Previous: Third War
Second Scourge War
Place: Continent of Lordaeron and minor activity in Khaz Modan
Outcome: Alliance victory, total destruction of all undead in Lordaeron. Restoration of Kingdom of Lordaeron.

The events recorded here took place in the year 621 in the reckoning of the Kings of Azeroth, twenty-eight years after the First War and the destruction of that kingdom by the orcish Horde. The latest war against the Scourge, which has ravaged Lordaeron for nigh on ten years, has claimed many lives and resulted in the destruction of our greatest cities, yet in the end the Alliance prevailed. The new Queen Calia of Lordaeron has ordered me to compile a record of the great events of recent times, so that the people know we can never be vanquished, and that any future traitors to the realm learn the price of their deeds.

Battles of the War

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